Who wants 1200 live TV channels?


For all our foreign customers and foreign Australians if you have a broadband internet connection we can install ZAAP TV from around the cost of one year's worth of Pay TV (or less) and after that it's free! Giving you access to over 1200x live TV channels and over twenty-five thousand Video on Demand titles. There is no subscriptions after installation. So what are the channels I hear you asking??


ZaapTV channels

  • 700 Arabic channels
  • 100 Persian channels
  • 30 Christian channels
  • 100 Turkish channels
  • 50 Greek channels
  • 70 Pakistan channels
  • 50 Bengali channels
  • 100 Vietnam/Thailand/China channels
  • 50 Mexico channels
  • 50 Educaor channels
  • 50 Honduras channels
  • 50 Dominica channels
  • 50 Venezuela
  • Available in Australia!
  • Call 1800 TV Magic to book a time!

No satellite dish or TV antenna required 

All you need is a reliable broadband internet connection (preferably wi fi to avoid running an ethernet cable/installing a data point) This box comes with registration, delivery & installation. We plug it into your TV for best picture & sound. Configure the internet settings and you'll have access to hundreds of your favourite channels in approximately 30-60min.