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Do you live in Broadbeach and can't stand your slow internet wi-fi? Our technicians can help you. Often the issue lies in the location of your modem or the size of your home (two storey or really spread out), you might even decide to get the fastest connection possible for your permanently located devices like your TV's and office; Hardwired, internet data points. Our installer once onsite, will make an assessment as to the best way to improve the internet for your home. As long as the signal coming into your modem is good (provided by the ISP) we can ensure it's transmitted very close to that level throughout your Broadbeach Gold Coast home.

Phone Points, Data Points, Modem Relocation and More

At TV & Internet Magic, our technicians are frequently noticing our customers aren't using their internet connection anywhere near as effectively as they could be. They just live with it, and can't stand the overseas call centers when complaining to their Internet provider, which is totally understandable! Technical support over the phone for this type of thing is near impossible. You really need to be at the home to do a proper assessment on how one can improve the internet speed for the home. Frequently we need to relocate the modem, install hardwired Internet data points, replace the free modem / wi-fi transmitter with a more powerful 3rd party one and or install multiple wi-fi transmitters throughout a large home. There's many situations we encounter. So, if you're n Broadbeach Gold Coast and are looking for a internet data or phone point installer with an eye for improving your situation. Speak to us today!

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