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Data Points, Phone Points, Fix your slow wi-fi in Bundall!

Do you need some new Data / Ethernet Points, Phone Points or hardwired Internet outlets in your Bundall home or business? At TV Magic we're busying helping people like you who want to improve their internet speeds. Utilising hardwired data points is the fastest internet connection method for your equipment. Wifi connections are always going to be slow in comparision to using a proper internet data points. If you want to avoid frustration when downloading and streaming videos or online gaming, you're going to want a hardwired data point installation to connect to. So if you're looking for faster, better internet in your home or business? Give our team a call today!

What Do We Do at TV & Internet Magic? 

With all the Smart TV features nowadays and other connected equipment, we're frequently getting calls from frustrated people complaining of drop outs and not being able to use their devices properly because of slow internet. The large majority of the time it's because they are using Wi-Fi to connection their devices to the internet. Unless you've got your equipment really close to the Wi-Fi transmitter (most don't) you're going to get a slow connection compared to if you plugged straight in. Which means, you're going to want to run data points to the places in your home that need faster internet. You can even split you're home up into smaller wi-fi zones. Basically, if you're in Bundall and struggling with your slow wi-fi give out team a call. We can install data internet points in the optimal places in your home.

One of the best things about  improving a customers internet is the ongoing value they're going to recieve from it. A small-medium investment will pay dividends forever moving forward. So if you're struggling with slow internet in Bundall from using your wi-fi, speak to us today!

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Phone Point Installation, Data Point installation - For Smart TV, Telephone, Internet or Modem


TV Magic have licensed technicians to install, relocate or repair your telephone points, data/cat5 cabling and othe requirements.

More and more smart televisions require a data point to be installed in order to use all the newest features to their full potential. Having a data point hard wired is always going to out perform buying a wi fi adapter for your smart television.  

If you like to use internet on your smart television or you still use a land-line telephone for home or business, Call TV Magic.