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Free Foxtel in Bankstown? We Can't Be Serious Can We? 

We are serious. For customers who have already purchased Foxtel , you may not realist that you can get a lot more value for your money. So it was probably great when you first got your Foxtel subscription and you thought to yourself, "Oh how nice that I can watch all of these great shows and movies now." And then as soon as you got home, the rest of the family immediately took it over and you've barely been able to watch it since. Well we have some good news for you!

Foxtel Here, Foxtel There; Free Foxtel Everywhere!

You may not have been aware, but we can legally use your current Foxtel subscriptiont and connect it to other TV's in the house so you can get more usage out of the Foxtel that you've been paying for and actually get to watch what YOU want for once! Wouldn't that be nice. Aside from a small fee for us to come and set it up for you, getting foxtel on your other TV's is completely free! All you are doing is better utilizing the Foxtel that you have already paid for and deserve to get more out of. 

Free Foxtel Means More Fun for The Whole Family

So the added benefit is that your kids won't have to annoy you during your show, becuase they'll already be watching their show. If you already have Foxtel, you are really missing out on most of the free benefits if you only have it connected to one TV. Let Tv Magic help you take advantage of this great opporutnity. 

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Free Foxtel, Free Pay TV, Free Austar

If you are already paying for a valid pay TV subscription. You may find that watching your channels/services is limited to the television that it is setup on unless you...

Call TV Magic. We can distribute your Foxtel signal to an additional, or even multiple televisions throughout your office, home or building. Without paying the relevant fees, you will be limited to 'same channel viewing' however, this will enable you to enjoy your pay TV or free foxtel from the bedroom, garage, balcony (or anywhere else you decide to have it installed). 



Who wants free Foxtel? Free pay TV?

Watch your existing Pay TV subscription anywhere you want! Distributed to 1 TV or several!

"I was about to get rid of Foxtel, until this came along. I now watch more of what I pay for where I want and when I want. I can now watch it in my bedroom. I can now watch it in the GYM. I was never going to pay for another fact, like I previously mentioned, I was thinking about getting rid of it all together. Thanks a million TV Magic.. Couldn't be happier. 5 star service too! * * * * *" - Robert W