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Hi there, do you live in the Lorne area and need some help in getting a new antenna installed? Being one of the parts of your entertainment system that is most often exposed to the elements, antennas can get easily damaged or degraded over time and so, when you are getting a new antenna installed, it's really worthwhile to choose a tv service who source quality, long-lasting antennas to give you the best value for money. Here at TV Magic Lorne, we source only Australian Designed, high quality antennas that are built to stand up to the common causes of antenna degradation. TV Magic antennas are built in such as way as to deter large birds from perching on and destroying antennas, which is one of the major causes of breakage. But that's not all; TV Magic antennas have also been shown to last up to three times longer than many lower-quality generic antennas that you might find elsewhere. So don't settle for low quality products that will only cost you later in repairs, replacements and installation fees; call TV Magic Lorne and get a better antenna today!

Get Better, Clearer Reception in Lorne

Do you have problems with your tv signal and your ability to connect to clear channels? Are you sick and tired of getting interruptions to the programs you are watching because of weak signal strength? Don't worry; if there's anyone who can help you out when it comes to getting a better, clearer signal it's TV Magic Lorne. With over a decade in industry knowledge we can present the right solution to any kind of reception problem, whether it's due to the area in which you live, or due to faulty equipment. Say goodbye to your reception problems today when you call TV Magic Lorne for your free quote!

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TV insurance repair assessments

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Radio FM Installation

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Indoor/Outdoor Speaker Installation, Sound Bar Installation, Multi Room Audio

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