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Professional Damage Reports, Available at TV Magic Benora Point!

If you live in Banora Point and have recently had a natural disaster or accident cause damage to your Home Entertainment system, then you've come to the right place. If your Home Entertainment system is insured, then the first thing your Insurer will as for is a TV Damage Report or Insurance Assessment and that's where TV Magic come in. Hi, I'm Jason, your local TV Magic technician here in Banora Point and I can get a professional Damage Report done for you, so you can have it submitted and get on with your life.  I work alongside most major insurance companies to help you get compensated for your damages and can help you get your new entertainment system set up so you don't have to miss your favourite shows for long. 

TV Magic; You're One-Stop-Shop for All Things TV Antenna

So you have your Insurance Assessment submitted, but what now? Where do you start when buying, transporting and putting together your new entertainment system? You have to start researching brands, discovering what the latest equipment is and what accessories you need to make it work, could just call me and I could do it all for you. TV Magic already have the knowledge and expertise when it comes to all the best brands, the quality products and the most effective techniques in giving you a professionally installed entertainment system. Aside from that, I can save you a lot of time, stress and hassle so you can simply get back to enjoying your favourite shows without all the drama. 

There's No TV Problem that Can't Become a TV Solution

If you have any TV problems at all, from reception to TV Points to a broken TV, you can rely on TV Magic for all your TV solutions!

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Do you need an insurance report for your TV, stereo, DVD player, amplifier, surround sound? Has it been hit by lightening? Not turning on? Behaving strangely? Is the red LED blinking? 

Did a tree or tree branch fall onto your roof damaging your TV antenna? Did a storm or strong gail of wind blow over your TV antenna or high mast?  

Call TV Magic to make light work of all the red tape. TV Magic provides insurance damage reports on all Television, Antenna and home theatre related equipment damaged by weather or accidental damage.