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Are you a business owner who needs numerous TV's installed for your guests, tenants or customers in Tweed Heads? TV Magic Tweed Heads have been doing professional MATV installations for over a decade and not only do installations but upgrades and repairs as well. If you need to connect multiple TV's to a strong TV signal, in a motel or caravan park for instance, then MATV is the best option for you. But how does MATV work and what do you do if your current MATV setup is experiencing problems? 

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If you already have an older MATV setup, there's a good chance that you have experienced some problems with it. It can be a common issue to have tenants complaining about their TV not working which wouldn't be so bad if it only affected one TV at a time. The older MATV setups however cannot isolate problems; what do I mean by that? Well if there is damage to the cabling that connects to a particular TV in an older Daisy-Chain MATV setup, then all the other TV's following that one in the chain will experience the same problems. So what can be done about this? To begin with you may need an upgraded MATV setup in the form of a Star-Chain which doesn't affect all TV's in the chain if just one of them is experiencing problems. So rather than having thirty complaining tenants to deal with, you only have to deal with one. 

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 I'm Jason your local TV Magic technician and I not only take care of your MATV needs here in Tweed Heads, but all of your TV Antenna needs. If you want any TV Antenna services from TV Points to Media Rooms, I have the skills, the experience and the attention to quality work to make your entertainment the very best it can be! Now that's Magic!

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