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Fix your Internet Speed with Data Points!

Are you having problems with slow wi-fi in your home? You're not alone. Most of our customers we visit either have no idea or little clue that they are unnecesarily putting up with slow annoying internet speeds. Why? Because they have just plonked their free modem to the only place in their home that it can connect to and assume that's it. Well, that's the worst way to get decent internet in your home. Most of the time the default location where the modem is connected is one of the worst locations, like in the garage or kitchen. There's so much improvement to be had if you only had an expert like TV & Internet Magic take a look at it for you.

Faster, Better Internet = Faster Better You!

Imagine how much more productive and happy you'd be if your internet speed on your devices never gave you download or speed issues. Our lives nearly depend on it nowadays. One of the best ways to solve this issue is to ensure all your main stationary devices like TV's and office equipment are hardwired in and not using wi-fi. We do this by installing internet data points hardwired back to your modem at your Benowa Gold Coast home; And we ensure that if you're needing wi-fi, that your transmitter is strategically placed in you home. Some homes even require multiple wi-fi transmitters (setup so they don't conflict too). So if you think your internet speed could be improved, call our local Gold Coast team today! 

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