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Is your TV reception on the blink? TV Magic Geelong can help!

Are you sick and tired of not being able to enjoy your TV time due to terrible TV reception in your Geelong home? Are you experiencing imagery that pixelates frequently, audio that crackles and distorts, are you missing channels or perhaps your signal keeps dropping out?! There's only one sure way to make your TV reception problems disappear and never return, and that's to call TV Magic Geelong! My name is Vaughan and when it comes to TV reception repair, I certainly have more than just a few tricks up my sleeve to ensure your TV reception problems are fixed permanently, so you can enjoy your favourite programs glitch free.

When you call TV Magic Geelong for my TV reception repair service I will make a thorough assessment of your entire TV setup and your TV antenna and related hardware so I locate every tiny little problem which may be causing your TV reception issues. This is vital to ensure your problems are completely solved and you won't have to worry about those annoying call backs due to a job not done properly. At TV Magic Geelong our only priority is customer satisfaction and that's why I make sure my workmanship is absolutely meticulous and the products and equipment I use are only the finest! So if you're ready to get back to high quality, more enjoyable TV time without any problems, call TV Magic Geelong to come to your home and take care of the problem for you in the blink of an eye!

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Having TV reception problems? Pixelation? One channel dropping out or freezing?  

Why does that happen? How is digital Tv different to analogue? Why do you only get problems on one TV point or only on one TV channel?

The following videos give you some answer to all of the above. These are very commonly asked questions. Basically, any problems you are experiencing will not fix themselves. They may come 'good again' however, this will be temporary. By Calling TV Magic we can ascertain by using our 'field strength meter' just how good or how bad your TV channels really are. When we test, we are looking to see if any channel is reaching minimum signal requirements. This will make sure there is enough 'head room' for fluctuation for bad weather, trees, a few broken elements and other factors that effect signal strength and signal quality. If these minimal requirements are not met, yes you may still have a 'perfect clear picture' however the BIG QUESTION is; for how long for? Yes your bald tyre does keep air in it and drives your car around, but obviously it's not going to take a nail or a bit of glass on the road as well as a brand new tyre.