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For perfect TV Wall Mounting in Hope Island call the professionals.

We stock a range of TV brackets in our van to cater for different walls and customer requirements

We also stock a range of cables and adapters to give you neatest finish with the best picture and sound.

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"Wow! That's what my husband said as soon as he walked into the room. We hired TV Magic Hope Island Gold Coast to surpise my husband by wall mounting his media rooms huge 75 inch TV and soundbar. Dan from TV Magic exceeded our expectations with the installation in delivering a show room quality finish. Dan was very knowlegable and helped up choose the right TV wall bracket for the installation to do what we wanted and guided us on the position of the TV and the sound bar on the wall. He was a very thorough in making sure our TV and Soundbar would look exactly how we wanted and we felt very confident in his abilities from the beginning. Once Dan finished mounting the TV and soundbar he ensured all the connected AV equipment was working as it was before and left the area spotless after cleaning up himself on his own accord. I highly recommend TV Magic and have already referred him to my neighbours in Hope Island for Wall Mounting installation of their TV's as well" Richard of Hope Island, Gold Coast.

6 Reasons why you should call a professional wall mount your TV

  1. It's not just a few screws in the wall. To get your TV on the wall exactly level, exactly where you want it without any visible cables takes experience and specialised knowledge. A significant amount of the time is spent in the beginning just doing all the planning out so you get that perfect result.

  2. You don't know what you don't know! Many times we come across other peoples TV wall mounting work and the customer is oblivious as to how much better it could of been because they don't know what a professional install is like and they just put up with an okay result not knowing any different.

  3. TV easily damaged when being handled. Fancy picking up your very expensive TV, laying it flat, attaching brackets, lifting it onto the wall while connecting the cables mid lift? Probably not. It would be stressful for an inexperienced person and the chances of you damaging your TV's display panel is high! You really can't even touch the front screen nowadays on these special screens.

  4. It needs to be safe! Unfortunately in Hope Island we've heard too many horror stories of TV's not secured properly and ripping off the wall. Imagine if a child pulled your TV off and it landed on them or your pet.

  5. Our brackets will suit your TV AND THE WALL If most brackets will fit and hold the weight of most TV's but only the correct size and type will suit your wall where you want to put the TV which means buying a bracket from a salesman at the shop will most likely end up with your buying an incorrect bracket for your wall. Fortunately we stock multiple variants of TV wall brackets in our work van to get your job done right the first time exactly where you want it located.

  6. We can help you with your other TV or Antenna needs while we are there. TV Magic is a jack of all trades when it comes to TV and antenna services. We can save you from calling out multiple experts and just get all your work requirements done then and there. See our list of services above.

A real-life example from today, 2nd November 2017 follows:

Axel of Hope Island called TV Magic to help him wall mount his 50inch TV in his bedroom. When we arrived we found Axel had already bought a TV bracket for this TV but unfortunately it did not line up with the studs and he had to return in. Fortunately though we did have a suitable bracket for his TV and wall mounting it perfectly. We ran several HDMI cables inside the wall, the power cable and an antenna cable so all his cables were hidden professionally. Thank you Axel for the opportunity to help you with your TV wall mounting in Hope Island Gold Coast. Dan TV MAGIC

Do you need help installing a TV on a Wall or Sound bar in Hope Island?

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TV Wall Mounting Service, Concealed Cables, Safety & Aesthetically pleasing   

A TV on a stand left unanchored is a danger to your young children and pets. New insurance stats reveal a whopping 35% of total televisions in households with toddlers/small children topple over with over 49% of those resulting in serious injury. Don't leave it to chance.. secure your TV on the wall today. 

A TV on the wall looks a million bucks doesn't it? When the cable spaghetti is gone, when all the cables are hidden, you may just find that you are watching TV for the sake of it, admiring your monitor, floating there on the wall without focussing intently on what's actually on the screen!! 

Children are unpredictable. They love to climb, pull, throw stuff, kick balls and in general do not understand the implications of every action they take. Making sure your home is child friendly includes mounting your televisions on the wall. Recent insurance stats and the number of damage reports we are called out to do on a weekly basis, we can tell you 2 x thing: 1. Birds are good for business (TV antennas) 2. Not so funny, - TV's left unachored on stands are toppling over:- left, right and centre. 

Some of the TV wall mounting installations I've done - Why TV Magic is the most experienced TV wall mounting service

TV wall mounting with a super slim sound bar - not one millimetre of a cable peaking out

Sound bar mounting & installations by TV Magic

Recessed TV Wall Mounting by TV Magic

Wall mounting & projector screen mounting

Floating A.V shelves by TV Magic

Who do you trust to put holes in your walls? What about your $6000 stone feature wall with no way of finding studs?


Before and Afters - TV Wall Mounting installations

Want your own TV wall? Check out this multi-unit TV display wall inside a customer's living room!

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What makes us the best TV wall mounting service? A. Our attention to detail!

Apartment building / hotel/ complex TV wall mounting - We were the first to implement white coax cables!

Besides our unparalleled attention to detail we mount more TVs in more locations than anybody else!

TV wall mounting above Fireplaces is our specialty 

TV Wall mounting by TV Magic - any brand . any size . anywhere ©

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TV Magic are Mirror TV and hidden TV specialists!

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We even execute TV wall mounting safer than anybody else! With specialty tools to protect your screen and lift safely! 

Experience the magic touch today. We simply cannot show our competitors all our trade secrets! Experience it for yourself and get what you won't get anywhere else. Choose TV Magic for your TV wall mounting needs! 

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