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HOPE ISLAND Home theatre, Home Cinema Setup and Installation

HOPE ISLAND Speaker and Soundbar installation Phone 0488 899 849

hope island home theatre speaker sound bar installation

Do you need help setting up your complicated home theatre system?

Have you a huge spaghetti of wires and don't know what to do?

Can't get sound out of your speakers?

Is your home cinema sound system too complicated to use?

Call Dan on  0488 899 849

For Hope Island Gold Coast's Home Cinema, Sound bar, Speaker Technician and installer

hope island in ceiling speaker installation

"We were referred by our neighbour when we moved in to get TV Magic to help up setup our surround sound speakers and projector screen. We also needed help with our sound bar and in-ceiling speakers for our loungeroom. Thankfully Dan was really smart and switched on in his field of expertise and handled our tasks for him with ease. We really love how neat the in ceiling speakers look and the sound from our Home Cinema is tremendous!" Sandra of Hope Island, Gold Coast.

Words from Dan our speaker system expert. I really enjoy the excitement of my customers hearing the finished product of their home cinema experience and the simplicity of how to use it once I'm done. Many of them complain about past experiences from care free installers that are contracted to the places they buy their sound bars and amplifiers / AV receivers etc.

Often when I come across a home theatre system installed by the customers themselves they can't run the cables concealed in the walls or ceiling and it's just left dangling across the floor. They also tend to hook up their speakers wrong and their AV equipment is connected poorly to their amplifier without them even realising. Many of the homes in Hope Island Gold Coast have these home theatre speaker systems and can really do with a professional look over. The issue is they don't know what they don't know and don't even realise they could be experiencing better picture and sound with less user complexity.

There's so many wires involved in these speaker systems often it ends up in one big spaghetti mess when our customers move house and they don't know where to start.

A new trend I'm finding now is wireless speakers like Bose, Yamaha Connect and Sonos. These multi zone sound systems are awesome (but you do need a wireless network and ideally fast internet for them to work). It makes it so easy to have different high quality sound in each zone and is controlled by a simple app on your smart phone.

A real-life example from today, 2nd November 2017 follows:

Paul wanted to have speakers installed in his outdoor area at his home in Hope Island Gold Coast but there was just no easy way of running new speaker wires from his existing home theatre / amplifier system to it. So we helped Paul get setup with a wireless Bose Sound touch system. We helped him purchase a Soundbar and subwoofer for his main TV and speaker pods for other areas in the house. Paul found the Sonos App easy to use and was very glad he called the experts in.

Do you need help with your Home Cinema / projector / Theatre Speakers or Soundbar in Hope Island, Gold Coast?

Dan's the man, anything TV technician, Antenna, Satellite or Speaker related call 0488 899 849.

We service the whole Gold Coast and Tweed Area with local TV technicians.

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