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Do You Want More Value From Your Foxtel...For Free? 

Free Foxtel in Howlong? We can't be serious right? Well, just wait till you've read on. Although we aren't able to give you your initial Foxtel subscription for free, we can give you more value for free from the Foxtel or similar Pay TV subscription that you currently have. But how can you get more value out of your Pay TV for free? Hi I'm Charlie your local TV Magic technician here in Howlong and, for the price of the installation fee, I can split off your foxtel subscription so you can enjoy your favourite programs anywhere in the house. Sounding good? Well it gets even better; here are some of the benefits of Free Foxtel that you might not have thought about. 

Free Foxtel, Anywhere You Want

Being able to watch Foxtel in any location around the house can really improve the enjoyment that you get out of your entertainment. How often do you miss parts of your favourite show because you have to go and finish chores or attend to the kids? Now you don't have to miss a thing with Foxtel in various rooms. Not only that, but when the teenagers have their friends over for a movie night and don't want to have akward moments with the parents, they can watch Foxtel in the spare room, while you get some peace and quiet. Free Foxtel is also a great option for those night owls or early birds who don't want to wake everyone else; you can have Foxtel installed in a room where sleeping family members won't hear it and get upset. So what's not to love about having free Foxtel installed? Simply give me a call at TV Magic Howlong today and let's get you set up!

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If you are already paying for a valid pay TV subscription. You may find that watching your channels/services is limited to the television that it is setup on unless you...

Call TV Magic. We can distribute your Foxtel signal in Standard definition (cheapest option) or HD quality to an additional (or even multiple) televisions throughout your office, home or building. You will be limited to 'same channel viewing' however, this will enable you to enjoy your pay TV or free foxtel from the bedroom, garage, balcony (or anywhere else you decide to have it installed). 



Who wants free Foxtel? Free pay TV?

Watch your existing Pay TV subscription anywhere you want! Distributed to 1 TV or several!

"I was about to get rid of Foxtel, until this came along. I now watch more of what I pay for where I want and when I want. I can now watch it in my bedroom. I can now watch it in the GYM. I was never going to pay for another fact, like I previously mentioned, I was thinking about getting rid of it all together. Thanks a million TV Magic.. Couldn't be happier. 5 star service too! * * * * *" - Robert W