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Are you tired of having nothing to watch on Free to Air? Do you want better entertainment, with more variety and hundreds of new channels? Well you've come to the right place. I'm Rhys, your TV Magic Technician in Leichhardt and I love to see how happy my customers are when they receive their new Satellite Dish. Why? Because Satellite TV means that you no longer have to deal with coming home and having nothing to watch...again. Forget those boring Game Shows and repeats of the same old TV Soap Operas that you've already seen; get connected to hundreds of new channels, fantastic variety and boredom, busting programs. Satellite TV has something for everyone and, unlike regular antenna TV, it connects to channels from all over the world. You can now access TV from places such as the USA, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Britain and many, many more!

Satellite TV; The Benefits are Endless!

Not only does Satellite TV have an amazing variety of programs from all over the world, but you won't have to experience the same problems that you do with an antenna such as weak signal and dropping in and out of your favoruite show. Even if you're in a low coverage area, you can now access crystal clear TV all year round and not have to worry about missing that big sports game you've been waiting to see or miss out on the critical part of the the final season of your favourite show. 

Watch TV Your Way

Satellite TV also gives you the opportunity to access special genres of TV that you wouldn't normally have the freedom to access such as faith channels and topics which are of special interest to you. Watch TV your way, and make it more enjoyable for the whole family. Call me today at TV Magic Leichhardt and get your Satellite TV installed. 

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Vast TV Installation - Guaranteed TV reception - Black spots - In a gully - Anywhere! 

TV Magic are experts in free to air TV reception. That much so, that we guarantee TV channels even after all the 40ft masts and every other option has been tried and failed. Vast TV provides all your regular free to air channels via satellite. If you already have a satellite dish on your roof, this can be used (if not being used for pay TV, internet or other purposes) to save costs and you could be watching interruption free TV in no time. 

Vast TV works by satellite signals. It is immune to hills, gully's and vast distances where the broadcast tower's signals simply cannot reach your home a regular TV antenna would be rendered useless.   

Call us now to get a free quote! Because VAST is a guaranteed solution, we will have a pretty good idea of what it will cost without necessarily doing a site test!