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Don't Settle for Weak Reception

Hi there, do you get sick and tired of putting up with a weak TV signal in ytour Nagambie home? D you miss out on your favorite programs or find that you're missing channels altogether as a result of bad TV reception? Well you no longer have to! Hi, I'm Charlie, your local TV Magic technician here in Nagambie and I can make your reception problems a thing of the past, no matter how complex they may be. Reception problems are one of the most common complaints that we get here at TV Magic and there can be a number of different causes when people are facing this kind of issue; that's why it is so important to have the correct assessment done by a TV Antenna professional so you aren't paying for an incorrect repair to an issue and finding that it was a total waste of time. 

Common Reception Problems and Solutions

Some of the common issues that we fix here at TV Magic on a weekly basis are:

- Badly installed equipment and setups
- Faulty equipment such as cabling and TV Points
- Being in a bad location or inconvenient area when it comes to connecting to a strong and reliable TV signal

Each of these factors can have a strong contribution to a reception problems and, it may even be tha case that there are more than one of these problems influencing your reception situation. Such problems can generally be fixed with a repair or some additional equipment, but there are those cases that need alternative methods such as those who live in a black spot or low-coverage area; taht's where VAST TV comes in. Even if you're in an area that you can't connect to a TV signal at all and find that you're missing out, TV Magic have options like VAST TV via Satellite to get you connected to a strong, clear signal all year round. Why not call me today, here at TV Magic Nagambie and get your free quote!

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Having TV reception problems? Pixelation? One channel dropping out or freezing?  

Why does that happen? How is digital Tv different to analogue? Why do you only get problems on one TV point or only on one TV channel?

The following videos give you some answer to all of the above. These are very commonly asked questions. Basically, any problems you are experiencing will not fix themselves. They may come 'good again' however, this will be temporary. By Calling TV Magic we can ascertain by using our 'field strength meter' just how good or how bad your TV channels really are. When we test, we are looking to see if any channel is reaching minimum signal requirements. This will make sure there is enough 'head room' for fluctuation for bad weather, trees, a few broken elements and other factors that effect signal strength and signal quality. If these minimal requirements are not met, yes you may still have a 'perfect clear picture' however the BIG QUESTION is; for how long for? Yes your bald tyre does keep air in it and drives your car around, but obviously it's not going to take a nail or a bit of glass on the road as well as a brand new tyre.