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Struggling to Get Clear TV Coverage? Get VAST TV Today!

Do you live in a remote or rural area near Rutherglen? Are you struggling to be able to get reasonable TV coverage? Here at TV Magic Rutherglen I have solutions for all of your coverage problems, no matter how bad. So you live in an isolated area and you've been trying for some time to get enough coverage just to watch your favourite TV shows but, despite trying antennas, boosters, antenna masts and all kinds of solutions, absolutely nothing is working to help you get enough coverage. So what do you do? Well, here at TV Magic we can offer you a great solution that will get those crystal clear channels back on your screen in no-time!

Crystal Clear TV, Wherever You Are! 

Even if you live in the middle of Australia, I can help you get all of your favourite channels back on and back to enjoying the shows you know and love. How? Well, VAST TV is a type of Satellite TV that is only available to eligible people who can't get TV any other way. Even if you're in Alice Springs, your VAST system will still get clear channels for you, as if you were living in the middle of Sydney. And the best part is that the Government will help you pay for it! That's right; I can come out and install your Satellite Dish, but you'll also receive a free Decoder box and Smart Card to help you get connected to your channels. Why wouldn't you invest in VAST! So now when the kids come home from school, they won't be complaining that there's nothing to do, they'll be hanging out in front of the TV while you finally get some peace and quiet. Make the VAST difference today; call TV Magic Rutherglen!

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Vast TV Installation - Guaranteed TV reception - Black spots - In a gully - Behind a Mountain - "In the middle of the desert" - Guranteed flawless TV reception - Anywhere! 

TV Magic are experts in free to air TV reception. That much so, that we guarantee TV channels even after all the 40ft masts and every other option has been tried and failed. Vast TV provides all your regular free to air channels via satellite. If you already have a satellite dish on your roof, this can be used (if not being used for pay TV, internet or other purposes) to save costs and you could be watching interruption free TV in no time. 

Vast TV works by satellite signals. It is immune to hills, gully's and vast distances where the broadcast tower's signals simply cannot reach your home a regular TV antenna would be rendered useless.   

Call us now to get a free quote! Because VAST is a guaranteed solution, we will have a pretty good idea of what it will cost without necessarily doing a site test!