Setup and Tv Installation Service - All brands - All equipment

What brands do we install, tune & service? 

Any! Toshiba, Loewe, Grundig, Palsonic, GE, RCA, all the chinese brands, all the Korean Brands, all the Japanese brands. 

It doesn't matter what model you've got, even if it's come from overseas - we'll be able to help you out. If you've brought a digital set top box or digital tv over from America or Europe - the tuner may not pick up all Australian channels because the tuner inside does not pick up Australia frequencies. 

If this is the case, give us a call! We'll be able to help you!

Is it good to have all your equipment the same brand?

Good question! But no. Not anymore. There are sometimes an advantage but it's not critical. And sometimes there are clashes with having the same brand with remotes control the wrong device because all the equipment is the same brand. So it depends. Generally you should not just listen to the retail guys selling the stuff, they only have half a clue. 

How do you stop compatibility issues with 'remote clashing' (known as ir clashing)?

There is no way! You are one of the unlucky ones that have bought a combination of brands/models that just happen to clash. You see one it might be one bunch of models of LG that you buy all your equipment LG and you get IR clashing. Then 3 months down the track new Panasonic models come out and a customer has all Panasonic and they get IR clashing. It depends on brand and model at any particular time. 

That is why you should consult us first on what equipment to buy. We do free deliveries and included the cost of delivery when we come out to professionally setup and tune the equipment for you. 


TV Tune & Setup, Digital TV Tuning, TV Tuning Service All Areas 

A Smart TV these days, isn't always that smart! Yes, you have 'Auto-tune' but sometimes; in the wrong scenario, that is the worst thing you can do! Auto Tunes can result in duplicate or even triplicate channels being received. It can result in lost channels and pixelation:- when you don't know what you're doing.  

TV Magic, Digital TV Tuning experts have more than just technical know how, the latest TV model training and familiarity & magic fingers. They also have, special equipment to test things like the signal quality - to ascertain whether the problem was indeed caused by incorrect TV tuning or a poor-performing antenna system. They also have years of experience, making every cent spent worht your valuable time! You'll be confident know that this is one of our specialties as we get your TV up and running to its optimal performance. We even say that we could probably do it all with our eyes closed, and that's magic!

TV Tuning the hard way or the easy way? You choose. One call and you can have an expert do your TV Tuning in probably a tenth of the time as it would take you whilst making sure it is done properly. 

Is your TV auto-tuned or professionally manual tuned? 

Many TV reception problems are caused by incorrect Tuning! Can't you just do an 'auto tune'?  NO, sometimes that causes the problem!

Is your amplifer and surround sound setup correctly? Calibrated and tuned?

The wrong cables used in your system can over-complicate the system or compromise your visual or sound quality

Book your TV Tuning, Tune & Setup now - online! I will usually be calling YOU within 10-15min!