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Sam is your local Hamilton Hill and Fremantle TV service technician. Call Sam for a no obligation, free quote today. 

A photographer went in the van, on the road with Sam for just one day. Sam recorded doing 7 jobs and says this is just 'an average day'. It's no wonder why he is so busy - customers love him. Here are some photos of this particular day. 

Job 1 TV Service Fremantle

Sam disapproves of the readings on the signal meter from this 20 year old antenna. It is now more obvious why the customer was experiencing TV reception issues on their smart TV. 

Off to the van Sam goes to replace the TV antenna and some old cabling. 

An hour and half later the new antenna is fully installed. The signal tested perfect at the wallplate inside, TV tuned and all cleaned up. Result : Perfect TV reception for the next 10-15 years.

Job 2 TV Service Fremantle

Another TV reception repair job. Sam's expertise sees that he finds the quickest way to inspect the splitter. Once again, a super old antenna on the roof is no longer performing as it did 15-20 years ago. Sam is investigating the best route to run new cable. 

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This old TV antenna will end up in the scrap metal pile for recycling. 

Job 3 TV Service Fremantle

Sam is a busy man. 15 minutes is spent outside talking to 5 other TV service customers in the area. Prioritising the phone calls and customer service is just one reason why he is in high demand. 

At this job this culprit was discovered. An unprotected, unsheltered splitter had been exposed to the elements on the exterior of the house. The join was the splitter was also giving way. "It's surprising it lasted this long", Sam told the customer. Never the less the customers were pleased that it was a quick and simple fix to fix their reception issues. 

And he's on the phone again .....

Job 4 TV Service Fremantle

At the next job. Sam's TV services see that he is putting a small white TV on the wall in the bedroom. and setting up a 'Blak Box'Media player to the home network. Configuring the network meant also using his skills with the adjusting settings on the modem in the customer's home office. 

Job 5 TV Service Fremantle

The next job is not actually in Fremantle but 5 minutes away - in Hamilton Hill. Sam's TV services include supply and delivery. Having connections with all the retailers Sam picked up a bargain for a soundbar and wireless sub woofer - saving the customer a tonne of money. Sam then mounted the TV on the wall along with the sound bar installation and some small speakers in another room (with all cables hidden). 

Sam showing the customer what height he would recommend for the TV wall mounting with a sound bar mounted beneath. 

Job 6 Fremantle TV Services 

Second last job for the day was a bit of a mixed bag. Sam had to replace some old cable in the ceiling after diagnosing poor TV signal levels. The antenna was ok. Other work that was required was realignment of a large satellite dish and some tuning and setting up of a foxtel box to a new TV in the kitchen up on the wall. 

Job 7 - Last job of the day 

And finally, the last job of the day is a quick and easy new Satellite Dish installation for a customer who wanted Christian TV services. 

Sam's the man! For all TV services including antenna installation, TV tuning, Wall Mounting, Sound Bar Mounting, Speaker installation, home theatre setup, New TV points, Satellite Dish installation, MaTV or TV reception repair in Fremantle and surrounding suburbs call 0488 808 801.

0488 808 801