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Check out the photos below of some of our TV walls and multi-TV display installations. Once upon a time, TV walls and multi-unit TV displays were only used for commercial applications. Nowadays, people are wanting them in their living rooms, man caves / fun caves / entertainment spaces, patios, decks, sheds and businesses. 

So why would you want a TV wall? 

Well, why not! But a TV wall has to be experienced to truly feel the benefits. You may be thinking that the extra TV's would be distracting.. well... you'll be surprised at just how much your brain and senses can actually take in! Of course, we are not suggesting that you have the volume up on all of the sources/channels at once... but then again; we've heard that some people do! Yep! ... a bit like have multiple people talking all at the same time at the dinner table. With practice you'll be watching 3 shows all at the same time. What a way to maximise time! 

What can go wrong?

Well as for the installation side of things; it's best to leave it to the experts (us) to make sure the brackets and the size of the TVs all line up so it fits perfectly. Next, you don't want your TV remotes to control any more than one TV at a time; so leave the technical stuff to us also to make sure your multi unit TV display works properly. Otherwise that's about it. Just imagine having the option to see what channel/movie you'd like to watch all whilst without flicking any channels at all. Set it up, sit back and then scroll through your TV's muting and un muting them one at a time.. or alternatively let all the TVs transmit their sound waves at you simultaneously; and let your senses be challenged and stimulated as God intended. We admit, this may not be for everyone; but then again you cannot judge until it is experienced. It's great for high sensory/Autistic kids/adults or simply for people that like convenience /cherish their spare time and want to be efficient! 

Watching Multiple TV's simultaneously with the sound on/ off

Anyone who is into audio books may have tried features such as turning up the pace of the narrator. (So that your book is read out to you a 2x speed). What you will learn is that your brain can still take in all the information; and leaves you with a) More spare time or b) time to listen to two audio books in the same time as one! People that are time poor will love our TV wall installations. You really can train yourself to take in multiple shows/movies simultaneously. It simply must be experienced. 


Commercial application of Multi-TV display - Installed by TV Magic in a Mazda showroom


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