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Australia; A Dangerous Place if You're an Antenna

Wagga Wagga, a place of beauty, culture, wildlife and changing weather....a perfect recipe for antenna damage. In a country like Austalia, our sometimes extreme climate, weather and nature that has learned to survice in harsh conditions, our antennas have a hard time surviving for long periods of time. Most, typical antennas only last around 5 years due to a variety of reasons and here are just a few;

-Rust from weather or salt
-The plastic pieces becoming brittle and crumbling
-Damage from storms, lightning and extreme weather
- Damage from large birds perching
- Damage from falling tree branches

These are just a few of the things responsible for damage to your antenna, but, just because most antennas give way to the pressure of these conditions, doesn't meant that all of them do. 

Survival of The Fittest...Antenna?

When faced with new or harsh conditions in the environment, the smart creatures adapt and change to be able to cope with it. The Brown Bears grow thick, white fur and become the Polar Bears of the Arctic and Dogs in domestic homes lose their wildness over time, because it's easier to rely on humans instead of hunting. But what about antennas? Well, you'll be pleased to know that they're adapting as well. Unlike many other TV companies who are still using the same, inneffective antennas, TV Magic Wagga Wagga have taken notice of the causes of antenna degradation and sourced a better, stronger antenna, made to cope with Australian conditions. If these were animals, you might imagine other antenna companies releasing a Pomeranian in the forrest and hoping it will re-develop the skills to bring down a wild pig, opposed to TV Magic releasing a Dingo, who is capable of caring for itself in the Australian bush. TV Magic Antennas have a lifespan that outlasts the reguar antennas by about three times; much like the Dingo and Pomeranian. So next time you invest in antenna, ge tthe Dingo version from TV Magic Wagga Wagga, and tell the other TV companies to take their Pomeranian home!

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