Control your home at the command of your voice.


Home automation has now gone to the next step with home automation software working on voice recognition. You could have access via your mobile phone or even by speaking your commands out loud. A device called Goolge Home / Siri for example can be professionally setup and all you have to do is " talk to your house " and your house will obey! Your entire media system, streamed foxtel, movies, music, lights and whatever else you want to control in your house now can be hooked up in such a way that everything is controlled by simply pulling your iPhone or smart phone out of your pocket or commanding your house to do as its told! 

Touch screen devices ie. (iPads included) can be wall mounted at 'control - access points' elegantly & discreetly wherever you desire control and access.

Some control access point ideas include:  

  • Inside a cupboard door
  • On the wall out on your entertainment deck
  • Behind a hinged painting on the wall
  • On display - easy control & viewing of all activity in your home 
Home automation has,
  1. Entertainment purposes 
  2. Functional purposes
Entertainment purposes include distribution of media and audio to different zones in your house with the capabilities to play seperate channels, play different sources in different zones etc. 

Functional purposes of home automation include:

  • Security - Watch, view or record any part of your premises with security cameras (From in your house to even your iPhone whilst you're not at home) Get notified & alerted of intruders or activity to your smart phone whilst you're vacant. 
  • Cooling & Heating - Using your existing a/c system - home automation can give you multi room access and remote access
  • Energy Consumption Options - and monitoring
  • Lighting - Mood, lighting for outdoor areas, home cinema


All home automation systems feature the ability to:

  • Control any remote controlable device or devices that connect to one
  • Control from anywhere in the house
  • Control from a remote location - (on your smart phone whilst oveas e.g) with an internet connection
  • Control at the command of your voice with voice recognition technology 

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