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Do you get sick and tired of using services that provide you with dodgy equipment, or who don't properly complete a job and then charge full-price for their services? All too often, people call inexperienced or carelesss TV Handymen or technicians when they need to get a job done, only to discover that the equipment or services provided to them were cheap or badly performed, and then they must pay extra for a repair or a new installation altogether. Here at TV Magic, we know that customers want quality for their hard-earned money, and that's why we only source the very best Antennas which are Australian designed and last up to three times longer than a regualr antenna. That's will not only have a quality antenna and a professional installation but you will have an antenna that lasts up to three times as long as a generic one that you might get from a local handyman, now that's great value!

No More Bird Problems!

One of the special features that make our antennas last longer is that they are specially designed to deter large birds from sitting on them which can be one of the main causes of damage to antennas. Not only that but these antennas don't use the flimsy plastic bits that many other antennas do and therefore don't fall apart after a little wear and tear or sun damage. So why not call TV Magic today and get a better antenna, greater value and enjoy the quality and 

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