What is PVR?

Pvr stands for Personal Video Recorder. It's basically a set top box with recording capability. These recorders do not require blank cassettes or blank disks. They record onto an in-built 'hard drive' (in-built memory). 

Pvr's can do timer recordings (record at a later date & time). Some models enable you increased viewing & recording flexibility by allowing you to record one channel and watch another, or even record two channels at once whilst watching a third.

Pvrs that have the feature of recording two channels at once are known to have a 'twin tuner'. 



What advantages does a PVR have over a VCR or DVD Recorder?

PVRs can record digital channels. It's what they're designed to do. Also, depending on the brand - they are quite easy to use. Even the techno-phobes find pvrs relatively easy to use and prefer them over a dvd recorder. 

Firstly, there is no mucking around with disks. With a disk, you need to format the disk, you need to initialise the disk, you need to finalise it. You need to make sure the disk has enough space on it for what you're recording... and that after all the mucking around you find that your show has already started or in the end, the disk goes 'corrupt' and you lose your recording.

My professional opinion is; (and I think I would find many professionals, clients and users would agree):

Blank disk dvd recording really was a step backwards

There has been some dramatic improvements since 2011. But if you bought a dvd recorder prior, especially one made in China it was more of nightmare than what it was worth.

With a Pvr you just press record on the channel you're watching and at least it will do what it says! - RECORD! 

For their intended purpose; a PVR could be the best thing you ever bought for your lounge-room. 

The advantages of PVR are:

  • Record digital channels including HD channels
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to set up timer recording
  • No blank disks or vcr cassettes
  • EPG - (built-in tv guide)
  • Better tv picture and audio quality from your recorded tv shows
  • Skip the ads!  (skipping commercials is illegal - we have to mention this!) 
  • All the same editting features you'd expect - skip ads, rewind, pause, cut off etc.

 Where do you get a PVR?

Well, anywhere & everywhere! All the major retail outlets sell dozens of brands and models. 

But! Where do you get a good one!? TV Magic of course! We do free installation with all PVRs.