Australian digital channels (free to air)

Are your digital channels pixelating or dropping out? Besides the aerials job to bring the signal in, what could be causing the problem? 

  • The coax cable - ribbon cable and old coax cable is not digital tv compliant
  • Digital Aerials - 50/50 chance it's your aerial. If it's old then more than likely it is underpeforming in its duties.
  • Tv  Tuning - check your local digital channel frequencies are tuned properly - 'Auto Tuning' will not always pick up the digital channels you're after
  • Non digital compliant hardware - wallplates, junction boxes, splitters, flyleads, joins, amplifiers, head ends, taps, boosters, & multiswitches e.g
  • A combination of the above


What are the digital channel frequencies?

Digital channels are in some ways alot easier to tune to your new digital television than analogue. By manual tuning you can individually pick up channel by channel the ones that don't get picked up by Auto Tuning (if your digital signals are okay). 

Digital channels are easily tuned by their assigned channel number known as a MUX number. You do not need to know the exact digital channel frequency unless you are an aerial installer.

If you live in a capital city you're looking for 6 MUX numbers. 

  • ABC - 12
  • CH SEVEN - 6
  • CH NINE -8
  • CH TEN - 11
  • SBS - is now on MUX 7,9,13,36 or 33 depending on which capital city/regional area you live in
  • CH 31(local channel) - 38, 32 or 44 depending on which capital city you live in
If you live regionally you're looking for 5 Mux #'s:
Generally from MUX 34 on-wards up to 68. (There are too many different regions of Australia to mention on this page - you can find more info from Google).

How many digital channels are there?

From the 5/6 Networks, and whether you live in a capital city or regionally there are 27-29 seperate digital channels made up of television and radio channels from the 5-6 networks. 

These include: (channels marked w/ * are HD)

  • Abc network - ABC 1, ABC 2, ABC 3, ABC 4*, & ABC Radio 1&2
  • SBS network - SBS 1, SBS 2, SBS 3, SBS 4, SBS HD* & SBS radio 1&2
  • Channel 7 Network - 7, & 7 HD*, 7Two, 7Mate*, 
  • Channel 9 Network - 9, Go!, GEM* and 94
  • Channel 10 Network - One HD*, Channel eleven, Channel 10
  • Channel 31 - 31 Digital



Are there more digital channels coming out? When & how will I know?

If you are already digital ready (digital tv or digital set top box) - your digital device will display a message next time you turn it on notifying you of a new digital channel available. In most cases, you just press a button and your digital device will tune the new channel in AUTOMATICALLY. 


Are digital channels recordable?

Yes. You now need a recording device with a built in digital tuner. Or an old analogue recording device connected to a seperate digital set top box.

Digital Channel Recorders include:

  • Dvd Recorders from 2010 onwards
  • PVR's 
  • USB tv tuners for Computers & laptops
  • Digital set top box's and Digital televisions with usb/memory card recording capabilities

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