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Well I just installed a new TV point for Gary in Springbrook.  Gary called me up to have an extra TV point installed I asked him over the phone:

  • "1. How many TV points he already had"
  • "Whether he thought he had strong signals without pixelation on any of the existing TV points?"

We ask these questions because any additional TV point that is installed will take approximately 5 to 10% off the whole system in signal strength. When any good technician attnds the job they will test the other points. On this particular occaison what the said proved to be accurate as it turned out that there was enough signal strenght to add one additional point.  I looked at the house saw that I had a relatively easy access up the wall cavity and I knew that wasn't going to take me any longer than an hour, so for a  very reasonable price I got the TV point installed in approximately 40 minutes. Gary was very pleased.

Springbrook TV Points Installation - as many as you want, anywhere you want 

 I also installed a new digital splitter because the old antenna cable on the roof leak and was twisted under the roof tiles before it entered the roof. The overall performance was satisfactory however, by fixing this it ensured that it will last even longer. Whether there was 1 x TV point or several; signal integrity relies on good connections and a proper compatible equipment including a digital splitter and digital connections. From there I retested each new point and all existing poitns and made sure that the signal would be reliable. Thank you to  Gary for your busines. If you're just like Gary and you want or need any TV points installed in your Springbrook shop, home or business call 1800 TV MAGIC.

Springbrook Extra TV outlets

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TV Point Installation - Where can you put a TV point? How many TV points can you have? 

I have installed more TV points in difficult locations than any other company. Whilst there is always a 'cheaper option' sometimes having the TV point EXACTLY where you want it can be a little more difficult (and some technicians) are not prepared to do the hard work....

Do you want a TV point in a particular location? Do you need it to be under a window? Does your roof allow no access or do your walls have no cavities inside them? Some of these scenarios make installing a TV point extremely difficult. There are times /customers who want their TV points exactly:- where they want them! And TV Magic provides such a service.   

How much does it cost? Call me out for a quote! Every house is different and situation is different. Whilst sometimes it may only cost an extra $25 for the 'difficult option' other TV points have been known to cost $1000 or more (and the customer had to have it done, because they had no TV, (and noone else would do it). Call me for a free quote or book online!

I install more TV points / TV outlets in more places than anyone else

Somone in the house not sharing the TV! Problem solved! Get an extra TV point installed (exactly where you need it!)

TV point installation by TV Magic - anywhere you want, as many as you want*

TV points under windows, bottom floor of two storey homes, no wall cavities or extra difficult points may attract additional expenses. Tea up a time and I'll come to you!

I use only the highest quality parts and digital components on all TV point installations

We have no call centre! 
Book online - sends your local tech an SMS and reveals their phone number.

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