Sydney Pre-wire Fit Outs

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Have your pre-wire fit outs taken care of in the blink of an eye! Call TV Magic Sydney!

Are you amidst building your new home in Sydney? Are you looking for a reputable locally owned and operated business to provide you with high quality pre-wire fit outs that won't let you down? Why not call your local award winning home entertainment business TV Magic Sydney to come and take care of it for you! Having been servicing Sydney for over 20 years now, TV Magic Sydney has more than just a little bit of a reputation for being able to provide the best service in town when it comes to all of your digital TV and home entertainment needs, including your pre-wire fit outs!

When you call TV Magic Sydney to take care of your pre-wire  fit outs, your local home entertainment specialist Albert will come directly to you and work with you to map out exactly what you would like included in your pre-wire fit out, and where you would like everything located in your new Sydney home. Albert's pre-wire fit outs service is fully tailored to suit your individual needs so no two pre-wire fit outs are ever the same. 

Things to consider

Things to consider when your planning your pre-wire fit outs are: how many Tv outlets you are going to need in your new home? Would you like your pay TV service to be able to be used in various areas of your home? Are you wanting a satellite dish installed as well as your TV antenna? And are you wanting other features such as surround sound, multi-room audio or a home cinema setup? Having all the pre-wiring taken care of before the walls go up will save you money and the risk of possible damages to your new Sydney home during installation! Are you ready to experience a touch of magic in your new Sydney home? Call TV Magic Sydney today for your pre-wire fit outs, you won't be disappointed!

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Pre-Wire, Pre Cabling, Renovating? Building? Run your cables NOW! For your TV points, data points, Home Cinema room etc

Are you extending the house or building a new room? Now is the time to think about what equipment you need. No doubt you have heard about wireless speakers and wireless gadgets. All of these pieces of equipment are flawed. They run on batteries and in no time you'll be sick of getting up and down the ladder changing the batteries. All speakers and TV signals required cables to be run (unfortunately). And like most people this is an after-thought (once you're finished the build/ renovation). Don't let this happen to you. Avoid the extra cost or delay in extra repairs by getting your cables run and putting your points, televisions and home theatre speakers exactly where you want them to go!