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Hi there, my name is Vaughan. I provide my valued Torquay customers with the highest quality, strongest, most flawless looking TV wall mounting service Torquay has to offer! When you choose TV Magic Torquay for your TV wall mounting service I will arrive to your home at the arranged time to provide you with the finish to your TV entertainment area you're looking for. Your TV will be positioned perfectly on your chosen wall for optimal TV viewing so you are always able to enjoy your TV time without issues such as straining to see from any position and never having to crane your neck. I also use my own custom made TV wall brackets for your installation so you will never have to worry about your TV falling off your wall, which can happen with cheap and nasty wall brackets. All TV cabling will be hidden away within your wall cavity so you will achieve a neat and tidy appearance. Not only is my TV wall mounting service going to give your Torquay home more aesthetic appeal it will also provide you with additional space as you won't be needing bulky wall units or other display cabinets any longer. You also have a much safer home with your TV mounted on the wall and never have to worry about incidents related to fallen TV's or trips over loose cabling. TV wall mounting has become the preferred way to display your TV's for all of the above-mentioned reasons and my Torquay customers just can't get enough of my high quality service! Are you ready for me to come to your Torquay home and share with you a little of my magic? 

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TV, TV on the wall,who's the finest of them all? 

We've mounted over 50,000 televisions in living rooms, bedrooms, rumpus's, hallways, bali huts, sheds, caravans, offices, pool areas, stairwells, garages, kitchens & laundries. If you want a TV mounted anywhere - TV Magic can do it! We've also mounted them in pubs, clubs, airports, hotels, cafes, bus stops, police stations, aeroplane seats, stadiums, schools, military barracks, banks, shopping centres, supermarkets, service stations, government buildings, yachts, theme parks, cinemas, hospitals, medical centres, waiting rooms, warehouses, zoos, caravans, stair wells, sporting arenas, public areas and fast food chains. If you need a TV mounted in a specific spot - TV Magic can do it! Whether you want a Monster 100 inch TV or a cute 22inch wall mounted in a boat/caravan - TV Magic can do it! Whether it's a stone wall, no studs, false studs, uneven studs, tile wall, brick wall, a pillar, a steal beam - TV Magic can do it! (and hide the cables!) If you want a video wall, multi TV display installation - TV Magic can do it!

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