This really depends on so, so many factors. 

This article is more to give you information to help you understand/accept the pitfalls and reasoning behind why a antenna amplifier is used, what they do, and why you may or may not need one. 

So what does an antenna amplifier do?

Basically, it 'boosts' signal strength. It gives your tv reception more 'oomph'. An antenna amplifier is only as good as the quality, style and correct installation. Proper digital antenna amplifiers used in the antenna industry are typically NOT available in retail because they are not installable without a signal meter.

Why wouldn't an antenna amplifier just be used every time?

For technical reasons that would require 4 years of study I will give you the short explanation - 'If you have TOO MUCH or TOO HIGH of a signal strength your digital tv reception will pixelate as well. So incorrectly used or installed antenna amplifiers are the culprit for many, many tv reception problems just as much as wrongly chosen, or old under-performing antennas, bad cabling and incorrectly tuned televisions. 

Here is just a few reasons why an antenna amplifier may be diagnosed as necessary:

(All of which, an antenna amplifier can equally be detrimental making tv reception worse rather than better)

  • Number of tv points - Not how many used but how many tv points are connected to the antenna system? (This is highly variable and not a good indication as some areas/situations - 1 or more tv points require an antenna amplifier and other areas/situations 8 or more tv points can run with no antenna amplifier at all) 
  • Location & Area of dwelling - Line of sight to transmitters? Behind a building? Behind a hill? On top of a hill? Distance from transmitters? Power line interference? EMF interference? Transmitter chosen? 
  • UHF or VHF UHF zones often need antenna amplifiers even for 1 point. (varied by all other factors)
  • The channels watched - All channels have their unique frequency. The properties of every frequency is different. All have their pros and cons. An antenna amplifier may be necessary to improve the tv reception of just one or two of all the channels combined. 
  • Distance of cabling & Size of dwelling The longer the cable runs and larger the premises the more signal loss is accumulated through cable



I am installing more tv points - Do I need a booster? 

There is no definitive answer for this.

It depends on the following:

  • All of the above reasons contained within this article
  • How many existing tv points are connected & used
  • How many additional tv points you are planning to install
Installing extra tv points to run your televisions will ALWAYS be the better option. (Providing the tv points are installed correctly read more... (previous page) 
Attempting to install a tv point yourself, buy a plug in booster or amplified indoor antenna (an indoor antenna with a power pack) is nearly always a recipe for disappointment. Not to mention it can actually cost you more!

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