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Were you made redundant at Ford Australia?

Did you receive a Pay out?

Would you now like to be your own boss?



So you're an ex Ford mechanic/worker hey? And you lost your job? That's too bad. Did you know that it may have been a good thing? Yes you heard right; the sacking or loss of your job means you can now: GET DOWN TO BUSINESS and get a real career! 

Have you heard of people more qualified than yourself or self employed individuals that MAKE MORE MONEY than you? Of course you have! 

Your best solution is to be YOUR OWN BOSS! 


At TV Magic we have a Ford Worker that was made redundant back in 2009 and he hasn't looked back since! Yeah, at the time it was scary for him losing his job but if you were to talk to him now; he would definately tell you that he is now GLAD IT HAPPENED! 

In fact you can speak to him yourself! (Really ring him if you want to) Nick Howell: 0449 947 247

Nick Howell joined TV Magic after he was made redundant at Ford, Australia. (Toowoomba Ford, QLD branch) He was a qualified mechanic and did his apprenticeship at Ford, Australia. He has now become the training manager at TV Magic franchising. Nick used part of his redundancy payout to buy his way into a TV Magic franchise (a very smart investment). He immediately doubled his weekly wage and soon after tripled it! 


Now couldn't be a better time if you have been made redundant at Ford or lost your job. You will naturally be wanting to use your redundancy money towards a good cause and replace your old income quickly. Fortunately TV Magic have opportunities and territories available all over Australia where you can learn to earn up to or over $1000 a day! That's proven and we have franchisees already doing it! Naturally with any business there is going to be a certain amount of capital outlay to get setup, established, marketing and what have you. Why do it alone when you can have support and a team behind you?

Also how would you like to get trained by a bloke that has been where you've come from! Nick Howell was an ex mechanic at Ford, Australia and is glad he has left Ford! He was glad that he was made redundant:- it was a real blessing in disguise. Not only does he find his skills drastically helped him with the new industry of TV antenna installation and home theatre setup but he found it relatively easy in comparison to getting oily, dirty and the hard work of being a mechanic; whilst also getting paid double for his efforts compared to when he worked at Ford!

The training is 1-4 weeks. There is no reason why you wouldn't make it as a successful TV Magic franchisee. If you are not afraid of heights and enjoy working with technology than you just may make the cut. After seeing the success of Nick Howell, TV Magic are keen to work with ex Ford workers who have been made redundant and look forward to seeing how our training and systems can replace your old income quickly and provide you with the tools and equipment to have a real career! 

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Nick Howell (ex Ford mechanic) Ford, Toowoomba QLD Branch

  • Made redundant from Ford in 2009
  • Now making $1000 per day
  • How are you going to replace your income?





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