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Foxtel can't do the satellite installation in Helensvale? I can!

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Hi, this is Dan from TV Magic and Satellite Repairs Helensvale. Often, we find ourselves installing Foxtel Satellites on extra high roofs or extra tricky locations because the Foxtel installers aren't allowed to do those type of satellite installs. We don't work for Foxtel but can do their work if they can't for whatever reason.

Some areas in Helensvale can't receive consistent Free to Air TV channels through a normal TV antenna system and a VAST satellite TV installation is required. Check your eligibility here: https://myswitch.digitalready.gov.au If you're in a variable or no coverage area you'll definitely want a VAST satellite installation instead of a normal TV antenna. Call us if you're interested and I can explain to you have it works differently to a normal TV antenna installation.

Christian TV is another popular Satellite Installation request. There are about 12 free Christian tv channels available by satellite that stream all day everyday. Got questions? Call us.

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  • What is VAST TV? VAST TV is a system for watching free to air TV channels but instead of receiving the signal from a TV antenna which is affected by hilly landscapes etc. VAST uses a satellite; thus, a hilly landscape doesn't affect the signal, occasionally very bad weather / heavy cloud might, but that's about it.

  • Can I use my Foxtel Dish for VAST? Yes. You can actually have both your Foxtel and VAST run off the same satellite at the same time.

  • There's a satellite dish on my roof already, can you use it? Sometimes. Satellite TV is very fickle, it's like hitting a needle in a haystack but in space, if your existing Satellite dish install is not in tip top condition we always advise to have a new satellite dish installation for warranty purposes.

  • Is Helensvale a black spot for TV reception? Some sections are, particularly around the discover drive area. Some homes definitely qualify for the VAST satellite system.

  • Can you install new Foxtel points / outlets: Yes we can. Give us a call to organise a visit. We can give you a ballpark on the costs over the phone.

  • Can you look at my TV Antenna Reception as well? Most definitely, we're experts in all things TV, antenna and satellite. We often find a good TV antenna system is all your need in Helensvale with rare exception.

A real-life example from today, 16th October 2017 follows:

Robert from Helensvale called us out to his home to install a FOXTEL satellite because the FOXTEL installers aren't allowed to work on roofs higher than a normal two storey home that a normal two storey ladder can reach. Roberts home although was only two storey it had higher than normal ceilings and a standard extension ladder was too short; we had to use our huge 8.9m ladder to get on the roof to install this FOXTEL dish. Robert was very pleased we were able to help him out at short notice.

Helensvale Satellite Dish Installation, Satellite Repairs, VAST, Christian TV, FOXTEL Dish Installation

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Vast TV Installation - Guaranteed TV reception - Black spots - In a gully - Anywhere! 

TV Magic are experts in free to air TV reception. That much so, that we guarantee TV channels even after all the 40ft masts and every other option has been tried and failed. Vast TV provides all your regular free to air channels via satellite. If you already have a satellite dish on your roof, this can be used (if not being used for pay TV, internet or other purposes) to save costs and you could be watching interruption free TV in no time. 

Vast TV works by satellite signals. It is immune to hills, gully's and vast distances where the broadcast tower's signals simply cannot reach your home a regular TV antenna would be rendered useless.   

Call us now to get a free quote! Because VAST is a guaranteed solution, we will have a pretty good idea of what it will cost without necessarily doing a site test!