TV Magic scam alert!

There are always these ridiculous items coming on the market. (As seen below). Cables, Televisions with 'virtual surround sound' and other gimmicks that promise features and benefits that are of no real value. Just have a look at this thing! This scam (found on the shelves in a foreign retail outlet) suggest that you plug it into your hose (when you have had enough of your old television) lol, plug it into the hdmi port of your television and then - TURN THE HOSE ON!! What a scam! TV Magic thinks this has to be a joke? Or a scam? Right? Is this for insurance purposes?   What is its purpose? The crazy thing is, the photo is real! And the product was for sale!!!    ... IF you have any clues more intelligent than ours, we'd love to hear from you!! 

Welcome Kevin & Darrel our latest TV Magic technicians

Kevin joins forces with Daniel Ryan on the Gold Coast and Darrel services far north Brisbane including Redcliffe and Caboolture areas.

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We found our Italian competition!

""abbiamo trovato il nostro concorso in Italia""

(We found our competition in Venice, Italy )


Video: How many TV points can you run off one TV Antenna?

A: As many as you want!  Next question: Where can you install a TV point? A. Anywhere you want! 

Hence our motto : "As many as you want, anywhere you want!"