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Hi there, are you a Yackandanda resident who would like to access better or more interesting TV? Do you get tired of watching the same programs day in, day out on Free-to-air TV? Do you sometimes worry about leaving your kids alone in front of the TV just in case they are exposed to programs that they should not be watching. If you would like to invest in more wholesome TV that doesn't present that problem, then maybe Christian TV is for you. Christian TV is accessed via Satellite Dish and provides you with eleven different TV channels and a range of different content from evangelism to movies and children's programs.  TV Magic can provide you with the kind of TV that you really want and help you to experience the magic of home entertainment  that you really want to watch and that uplifts you, not drags you down. 

Is Christian TV for Me?

What kinds of people would benefit from Christian TV? That might seem obvious...Christians. But there are a lot more benefits to Christian TV that benefit other people as well. Christian TV has eleven different channels that offer a range of content; not just evangelism so, if you want to watch something that doesn't have the violent or adult themes that many programs on Free-to-Air do, or if you want to ensure your children are watching something that won't expose them to worrying content, then Christian TV has a range of suitable programs that might be for you. Christian TV isn't the only great, alternative program that you can access when you connect to Satellite TV. Why not give it a try today and enjoy the magic of TV that you really want to watch.

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Would you prefer clean TV content viewing with more positive messages? Christian TV channels in Australia range from 9-13 channels depending on the networks. Content include an impressive variety including, sermons, soaps, TV series, movies, kid's cartoons, Bible studies, cooking shows, TV reality shows, documentaries, News and just about anything else you can think of except with less ads and with a holy perspective! 

Christian TV is free after initial installation. Call for a free quote!  

If you already have an existing dish on your roof, this may save you hundreds of dollars for the initial installation!