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TV Magic can install new TV outlets or Foxtel points in your home. You can have as many as you want, where you want (with rare exceptions) At TV Magic Ashmore Gold Coast we understand you want the best price so we don't have a fixed price for outlets, we save you money wherever we can. Some new TV outlets are easy and comfortable to do whereas others are very tricky or require long lengths of cable or are in hard to fit places. When a technician arrives at your home they'll give you the best advice and price they can to achieve what you're after.

Here are some common situations we often help customers with in Ashmore in regards to installing new TV outlets or Foxtel points:

  • Some customers want to watch TV in their bedroom away from their kids so that's where we install their new tv outlet
  • Some customers move into their new homes and find the existing tv outlets and foxtel points are in locations that don't suit their furniture layout and want them moved.
  • Some customers decide to move their furniture from one side of the room to the other occasionally so we have to move their TV and Foxtel sockets to that side of the room too.
  • Some customers want to only pay for one FOXTEL box but want to relocate it to other parts of their home occasionally and require an extra Foxtel outlet or two.
  • Some customers want to watch TV in their man cave or garage and need us to install a new tv outlet for them in there.
  • Some customers wall mount their TV's and want the TV outlet moved up and behind their TV out of sight so it looks better.
  • Some customers have hard of hearing partners and can't be in the same room with them watching their TV at very loud levels and need their own TV antenna outlet
  • Some customers have moved into new homes and have found the existing tv outlets and foxtel points have been run unprofessionally dangling from the ceilings or located up too high and need a professional to fix up someone else's handyman work.

A real-life example from today, 23th October 2017 follows:

Jordan in Ashmore moved into his new home and found the TV sockets were located in unconvenient spots throughout his home so he called TV Magic out to relocate his TV outlets and Foxtel points to more suitable locations for his furniture. While we were there we also found his TV signal was weak and so we fitted a booster to resolve that issue. We also helped Jordan with some odd tasks that required our man strength to help him shuffle some very heavy furniture at the time as well.

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TV Point Installation - Where can you put a TV point? How many TV points can you have? 

I have installed more TV points in difficult locations than any other company. Whilst there is always a 'cheaper option' sometimes having the TV point EXACTLY where you want it can be a little more difficult (and some technicians) are not prepared to do the hard work....

Do you want a TV point in a particular location? Do you need it to be under a window? Does your roof allow no access or do your walls have no cavities inside them? Some of these scenarios make installing a TV point extremely difficult. There are times /customers who want their TV points exactly:- where they want them! And TV Magic provides such a service.   

How much does it cost? Call me out for a quote! Every house is different and situation is different. Whilst sometimes it may only cost an extra $25 for the 'difficult option' other TV points have been known to cost $1000 or more (and the customer had to have it done, because they had no TV,  (and noone else would do it). Call me for a free quote or book online!

I install more TV points / TV outlets in more places than anyone else

Somone in the house not sharing the TV! Problem solved! Get an extra TV point installed (exactly where you need it!)

TV point installation by TV Magic - anywhere you want, as many as you want*

TV points under windows, bottom floor of two storey homes, no wall cavities or extra difficult points may attract additional expenses. Tea up a time for your local tech to come out today for a fixed quote!

I use only the highest quality parts and digital components on all TV point installations

We have no call centre! 
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