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Having TV Signal problems with your TV in Ashmore, Gold Coast or Surrounding Suburbs?

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Hi, this is Dan from TV Magic Ashmore, Gold Coast. I'm a professional TV antenna, TV systems technician. I specialise in fixing bad TV signal issues, antenna, aerial related and or just general helping you setup your TV and Sound equipment. I can also help you wall mount your TV or put in a new TV point etc. Anything TV or antenna related really.

Here are some common situations we often help customers with in Ashmore in regards to their TV reception issues:

  • Some homes are older and require a digital upgrade. IE. They need a new digital antenna, splitter, wall plates, cables and booster. This is a fairly common situation.
  • Some homes don't have working TV reception because their home is fitted with a booster / masthead amplifier and it is either broken or missing its power pack.
  • Some homes actually have a working antenna system but their TV won't tune in because either the TV's tuner is faulty or their RF cable to the wall socket is faulty.
  • Some homes have been subjected to DIY handyman or electricians trying to do TV work and basically they've made mistakes which we have to find and fix. (common)
  • Some customers just need help getting their TV tuned in correctly and their TV antenna system is working fine.
  • Some customers have plugged their TV into the wrong TV sockets or used incorrect cables. (common)
  • Some customers have unplugged their booster and now the amplifier is not working so there is no TV signal for the home.
  • Some homes the TV antenna system is in bad order and only works when the weather is good but customers think it's just the area and not their aerial causing the issues.
  • Some customers aren't able to connect all their equipment correctly and set it up so they can actually watch TV.
  • Some homes are located in areas where the TV signal is not reaching their TV antenna effectively and they may need a higher mast, an antenna relocation or a satellite solution 
  • The outlet that customers are trying to use isn't connected to the TV aerial anymore or is the wrong outlet. (Foxtel, cable internet etc.)

A real-life example from today, 23th October 2017 follows:

Penny in Ashmore Gold Coast just moved in to her new home and couldn't get any TV reception so she called TV Magic Gold Coast out to have a look. We found the home to be about 20 years old and that the previous owners had not ever replaced any of the aging TV antenna equipment, but have just left it to deteriorate and not worry about it as they mainly watched Foxtel so it seems. To fix the problem we had to do a digital upgrade on the home which involved installing a new digital TV antenna, splitter, replacing connectors, wall plates and some exposed cabling. Penny was very happy to see her TV's working again after we finished.

Do you need help with poor TV signal, missing channels in Ashmore?

Dan's the man, anything TV or Antenna related call 0488 899 849.

We service the whole Gold Coast and Tweed Area with local technicians.

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Having TV reception problems? Pixelation? One channel dropping out or freezing?  

Why does that happen? How is digital Tv different to analogue? Why do you only get problems on one TV point or only on one TV channel?

The following videos give you some answer to all of the above. These are very commonly asked questions. Basically, any problems you are experiencing will not fix themselves. They may come 'good again' however, this will be temporary. By Calling TV Magic we can ascertain by using our 'field strength meter' just how good or how bad your TV channels really are. When we test, we are looking to see if any channel is reaching minimum signal requirements. This will make sure there is enough 'head room' for fluctuation for bad weather, trees, a few broken elements and other factors that effect signal strength and signal quality. If these minimal requirements are not met, yes you may still have a 'perfect clear picture' however the BIG QUESTION is; for how long for? Yes your bald tyre does keep air in it and drives your car around, but obviously it's not going to take a nail or a bit of glass on the road as well as a brand new tyre.