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"Theodore bought a new home that came with an existing home cinema. It had surround sound speakers installed, a home theatre projector setup but was missing a few other bits of equipment to make it work so we discovered. The previous home owners took the AV receiver / amplifier (which drives the speakers) and left cable spaghetti to bamboozle Theodore. Thankfully Theodore called us home theatre experts in; we helped him purchase and setup a new home cinema amplifier suitable for his surround sound speakers. Theodore is getting us back soon to help him at his Elanora Gold Coast home with a universal remote to help cut back on the ton of remotes now needed to use it."

5 Common mistakes DIYers make when installing their own AV receiver / amplifier

  1. They mix up the left and right inputs on the amp. When you're looking at the amplifier facing the TV or projector screen, your left and right in that orientation is the left and right you use on the amplifier inputs, however it's commonly done backwards unknowingly by DIYers.
  2. They mix up the positive and negative terminals. Weirdly even if you mix up the black and red your speakers will still work, just not as good and usually a professional will pick this up quickly but no such much the home cinema owners. 
  3. They use the crap thin speaker wire that comes free with the speakers or AV receiver. If you're using high gauge speaker wire, you're knee capping the performance of your surround sound speakers and amplifier output. You could even be causing your home theatre to have sound cut outs.
  4. They have no idea how to manipulate the sound output to make it deliver surround sound properly. Home theatre amplifier setups and speakers can be tricky to setup. There are many un-user-friendly features of an AV receiver that a professional knows about, that need setting up properly so the sound gets delivered properly to each speaker based on what you're playing through it. This is a common mistake for our Elanora home owners. 
  5. They use inferior cable connections to their equipment like the DVD players, Foxtel etc.  You can only get as good of a sound as you put in and if you're inputting inferior sound through old school cables instead of the latest digital sound then you're never going to get great results. Most people don't have a clue what they are going with AV received / home theatre / surround sound speakers so I'd suggest calling in an expert.

A real-life example from today, 20th February 2019 follows:

"Madison bought a new surround sound DVD / Blue ray home theatre combo and needed someone to set it up for her so she called in TV Magic Elanora Gold Coast. When we arrived, we found she was using an old projector with old cabling and had bought a new speaker system to replace the old speakers in this cinema room. We gave Madison the honest news which was basically for a proper home cinema room like she has, she needed proper surround sound speakers and an AV amplifier and the equipment she just bought wasn't suitable. The old speakers already installed were good quality and we suggested for her to leave them and just buy a new amplifier. We also suggested she upgrade her projector at the same time. Next week we're going back to install her new home cinema projector and AV receiver, getting it all going again for her in high definition this time :)"

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