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"Need a Foxtel Dish installed on your roof? or want to watch Christian TV 24/7?"

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"With hundreds of 5-star customer google reviews, you're in 5-star hands!"

"Ernie heard about Christian TV and wanted to have the free satellite TV channels at this home. There's about 15 free Christian TV channels beaming 24hours a day available with a Christian TV satellite installation kit. Ernie was recommended to us by a past customer and we we're delighted to help him out. Turns out Ernie had a Foxtel dish on his roof already which wasn't being used. So, we did some light repairs and aligned it to the Christian TV satellite saving Ernie hundreds on a full install job."

5 Common questions about satellite TV

  1. Can we use our Foxtel dish to view overseas TV? Yes, some, but you have to point it at one dish or another, you can't have Foxtel and Chinese TV at that same time from different satellites if you know what I mean.
  2. Can you remove the Foxtel dish from our roof? Yes, however the Foxtel satellite dishes installed in Elanora Gold Coast are really sturdy, like everywhere else actually. They take some time and expertise to remove them. You will also likely then patch any potential water leaks from the install on your roof afterwards too. 
  3. Does storms etc. affect the satellite signal? Yes, heavy cloud cover in particular can cause some satellite signal drop outs or pixelation.
  4. Can you install another satellite TV outlet from the same dish? Yes, our TV Magic satellite technicians can install new Foxtel, VAST or Christian TV connection outlets for you. You can pretty much have as many as you would practically want running off the one satellite dish provided you have the expertise. 
  5. Can I get the Free to Air channels with my Foxtel satellite? Yes and no. Unless you're in a location that can't receive Free To Air TV from a normal TV antenna you'll only be giving access to channel ABC and SBS. VAST TV is a service provided by the government for remote homes and travellers. You have to apply for full access to all the channels. Some areas in Elanora may qualify. Ask your local Tv Magic Satellite Technician.

A real-life example from today, 19th February 2019 follows:

"Ernie wanted to have Foxtel installed on his roof but they wouldn't do it because his roof was above two stories and the Foxtel technicians have height restrictions. Foxtel installers told Ernie to call TV Magic, a private business, to do the Foxtel installation on his three-storey roof in Elanora. We actually ended up requiring a cherry picker to access this roof top and it was quite a unique job. Thanks Ernie."

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