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"TV reception on the blink? Pixelating, missing channels or showing 'No Signal'?"

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"Roland called us for help tuning in his TV, straight away we already know that most of the time our customers are doing the correct procedure to tune in their TV and that's likely going to be an antenna signal issue like Roland's today. Roland's home in Elanora Gold Coast had a big old huge aerial on a really tall mast, something you'd see getting installed 20 years ago. Essentially Roland's antenna system was giving him poor reception and missing TV channels because as a whole, his aerial and associated components were really old and degraded. Each piece of the system was losing a bit of TV signal and basically the best solution was to replace his antenna system. Which was good in that we could get rid of that really high and ugly antenna pole and install a 4ft high mast. As a courtesy we always dispose of the old antenna installations for our customers which for Roland was a really sweet deal considering the size of it."

5 Dangers of doing your own antenna work

  1. Accidentally falling off your roof or ladder. I've met many a customer who's told me of their severe accident falling off a roof or ladder in their time and it could happen to anyone inexperienced. There're so many dangerous things I've seen amateurs do when getting on their roof it makes my toes curl when I see it. The reality is the injuries are going to be severe if you make ONE mistake so why risk it, we've got antenna installers in Elanora Gold Coast ready to help fix your TV reception issues.
  2. Drilling into electrical wires just below the roof. This is a real possibility, but it shouldn't be because there's not meant to be electrical wiring running onto of the roof trusses etc. However older homes can definitely have this as building safety standards have changed. Also, a DIYer could have done the wiring as well. It always pays to be aware and check things thoroughly. Why not just hire an expert? 
  3. Failing to waterproof your installation properly. Who likes water running into their home and wrecking the place? Recently I went to a home where the whole ceiling caved in suddenly under the weight of water-soaked insulation that had built up over time from an antenna installation in Elanora by an unknown technician.
  4. Failing to secure your antenna installation properly. Honestly, storms are great for business, frequently old or poorly installed antennas are getting blown over and or off the roof during wild wind. I wouldn't like to be a pet or child in the yard getting hit by one that's for sure. 
  5. Electrocuting yourself on a power line. We've all seen the ads on TV lifting his ladder into a power line or touching the connection on his roof top. If you've got a TV reception problem in Elanora give our team a call and keep yourself safe.

A real-life example from today, 19th February 2019 follows:

"Jonty was fed up with her poor TV reception at her home in Elanora and called our expert team out to help her. We found her digital antenna had been falling apart over time and her antenna mast was heavily rusted. We quickly replaced her digital antenna and mast, swapped out the old corroded splitter and wall plates and hey presto! The TV reception was now perfect. Jonty was very impressed with our quick and thorough response so she gladly left us another 5-star review online. Thank you"

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