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"Say NO! To Pixelating TV Channels in Elanora and Surrounds"

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"Mandy was fed up with her TV channels pixelating or not tuning it at all so she called TV Magic. When we arrived, we found she had an old failing TV aerial system on the roof that was failing in many areas. The best move was to install a new TV antenna and signal booster / masthead amplifier while also changing the old splitter and worn out wall plates inside. We're confident Mandy's Elanora home will have great TV reception for many years to come. No more pixelating TV or 'Weak or No Signal' messages."

5 Mistakes DIYers frequently make when trying to install their own antenna boosters

  1. Choose the wrong masthead amplifier for the situation. You need to select the correct type for your area and to suit the signal strength from the digital antenna, it also has to be water proof and adjusted accordingly.
  2. Fitting inside boosters on the roof. If you don't know what you're doing like some of our Elanora residents. You'll be sold the wrong equipment and end up paying twice, once for your attempt and then quite a bit more for a professional to fix up your work.
  3. Plugging in a power pack thinking it's a booster. This is really common. Most people point at a power pack for a booster and call it "the tv signal booster" and think it alone is doing something. The reality most the time there's no actual signal amplifier / booster getting powered up by their power pack and it's actually doing nothing.
  4. Supplying the wrong voltage to the masthead amplifier. There are many masthead amplifiers on the market and most of them operated on different voltages. Fitting a power supply of the incorrect voltage may work but it will decrease the life of your masthead booster significantly, or not work at all.
  5. Over Amplifyng the signal.  If you over amplify the TV aerial signal, you'll get the same results as not having enough, hence in my opinion it's a good idea to hire a professional to do the work because they know what they are doing and have the very expensive industry specific signal measuring tools.

A real-life example from today, 21th February 2019 follows:

"Georgina called in TV Magic after her husband had a go at fixing their TV aerial reception due to channel pixelation and made it worse. When we arrived, along with a dangerous DIY ladder setup we found he'd also broken some tiles and snapped the input off the digital antenna. I don't think Georgina will be letting her husband go on the roof again for a while ;) We ended up having to replace the antenna and applying silicon to the broken tiles. In the end all that was wrong was that they were plugging in their TV incorrectly inside the home. Tough break, but at least they are all sorted now."

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