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"Monty called in the TV experts today to help her setup and install her new smart TVs and sound bars at her Elanora home today. When we arrived, we found the Tv's still in their boxes as she couldn't lift them out; not unusual. Monty was actually quite taken back as to how much was involved in installing and tuning her TVs. With all the Smart features and the fact you have to assemble them, it can be quite daunting for the owners. Even handling big easy to damage TV's can be a worthy reason to call out the Gold Coast local expert TV technicians in Elanora."

5 Steps to setting up a new TV that you may need help with

  1. Removing it from the box safely and assembling it. New TV's are usually flat packed and require confidence to handle. You have to safely get them out of the box and onto something suitable for either screwing the base on or attaching a wall bracket.
  2. Connecting it to the internet. Most new TV's are heavily designed to interact with internet apps nowadays like Netflix, but you need to be confident in actually putting in the correct network settings when you first turn on your TV.
  3. The privacy settings. If you were to just tick and flick, agreeing to all the privacy terms and conditions you would be greatly opening up your TV to prying eyes for all sorts of invasion reasons. Did you know some TVs can listen and record audio in your room? And or allow remote access by default? What about video recording you without you knowing?
  4. Tuning in the correct channels. Auto tune is okay, but it often gets it wrong. It's kind of just has a best guess because it doesn't know which transmission tower your TV antenna is pointing at. In Elanora Gold Coast you could be getting a weak signal from NSW, a medium signal from Springbrook and a strong signal from Currumbin all at the same time for your one antenna. A professional TV installer will always setup your channels manually. Tuning in the correct frequencies only.
  5. Selecting the correct region. Many times our customers are having trouble tuning in their TV's in Elanora Gold Coast because they've selected the wrong location region. This is because quite a few TV's don't give you the option "Australia" but other not so obvious choices like "Oceania", "Asia", "Europe" etc. A tell-tale sign of selecting the wrong region is if the local channel numbers are wrong. I.E. when you go to channel 7 it shows you something else like ABC

A real-life example from today, 18th February 2019 follows:

"Sue tried setting up her new TV herself but got confused when her existing equipment like her DVD player and Foxtel cables didn't seem to match a connection on her new Smart TV. When we arrived we found that Sue needed new, more modern cables to connect her existing TV equipment to her new TV. Luckily our local Elanora TV technicians keep plenty of stock for those sorts of situations in their work vans so we quickly got her new TV setup, tuned in and installed just how she intended."

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