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"Travis rang us and said he wanted a TV antenna point installed outside along with an extra Foxtel outlet so he could watch his sport while entertaining out there. This is actually a common request we get in Elanora. We were happy to help Travis out and after installing the new TV outlet and Foxtel socket we wall mounted his old outdoor TV and put him touch with a supplier of canvas TV covers. Travis was stoked with our professional service and high fived us with a 5-star review on Google afterwards. Thanks Travis!"

5 Situations that can make installing / cabling new TV or Foxtel connections

  1. Flat roofs. Typically installing new coax cabling for your antenna or Foxtel dish has us monkeying around inside your roof cavity drilling holes down inside walls or moving tiles on to of the roof to get where we need it; Obviously you can see the dilemma a flat roof (no cavity or reasonable access) can bring with it.
  2. Units in buildings. Just like point 1. We really need to get into roof cavities etc. to run new cabling once your home is built and in a building there is no access. You have to work with the existing TV outlet and Foxtel points currently installed by thinking outside the box. (Think running cables under carpet etc.) Thankfully there is not many buildings as such in Elanora Gold Coast.
  3. Tight roof cavities. Just like point 1. again, but with a little more hope. It really depends on whether you've got a safe, workable roof cavity that we can get in and out of in a timely manner (we can't get caught out with heat exhaustion with no swift way out).
  4. Unusual horizontal wall studs. Typically once a home is built we can only confidently drill through one mid wall horizontal beam and successful get a cable through. There is many reasons why this is the case but I don't think I need to go into depth here ;) Quite a few DIYers in Elanora will put studs in usual locations which prevent us from getting a new TV outlet or Foxtel Socket installed to the bottom of a wall.
  5. The wall is in a pinch point.  As an example, think of a tin roof home and a customer wanting a new TV antenna outlet or extra Foxtel point on a wall that forms the outside of the home. Many of these tin roofs will get very vertically narrow towards the edge of the roof making it impossible to get in above it to run new cable (without removing a roof panel).

A real-life example from today, 20th February 2019 follows:

"Ninya wanted to put a TV in her spare bedroom to keep her parents contained and satisfied when they stayed over. Ninya had a single storey tile roof home which is normally always ideal for installing new Free To Air Antenna outlets of Foxtel connections. Us technicians are able to quickly and easily gain access to any part of the roof cavity via moving a tile. Thankfully it wasn't too hot and her homes ceiling space was huge and we were able to get around comfortable. Thanks Ninya for the job."

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