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"Russel didn't feel comfortable wall mounting his new $5,000 TV and who would? Other than our pro's like us who have hung thousands of TVs on walls in recent years that is. Call our super confident, perfectionist TV wall mounting experts and rest assured we'll nail it perfect first go! We can even hang your Sound bar on the wall below it perfectly level below it with all the cables hidden. Russels TV turned out spectacular! A real peice of art in this living room. P.S we also do all the setup and tune in installation steps that comes with installing a new TV as part of our service in Elanora Gold Coast."

5 Dangers of wall mounting / hanging your TV yourself

  1. Accidentally drilling into an electrical wire inside your wall. There's always a chance of this happening, even us professionals have the occassional close call in an odd situation, so unless you have x-ray vision this is a real possiblity for an amateur.
  2. Accidentally drilling into a water pipe. Most stud finders will show you where the beams are, the electrical wires and the pipes but without telling what's what so unless you're experienced with wall structures there's a real risk you might drill into a water pipe, which would be a very unpleasant situation.
  3. It could fall on a pet or child. If you don't secure the TV to the wall properly you could be facing legal action if it falls down causing injury. I've seen it a few times and I've also fixed many potential disasters in Elanora Gold Coast from DIYers, electricians and builders having a go at it.
  4. Accidentally cracking your TV screen. Many of these new thin TV screens are super easy to break beyond repair when being handled during a TV wall installation. There's no repair that's going to fix a broken screen from misshandling you new expensive TV.
  5. Accidentally snapping the cable inputs on the back. If I had a dollar for every call I've received from distressed TV owners who've busted a cable connector on the back of their TV in Elanora Gold Coast through using too short of a cable or not being aware of what's about to happen I'd be rich from it! Most customers don't realise you really want to be using about a 3m long cables when you're wall mounting your TV or soundbars otherwise everything is too tight and at risk of snapping.

A real-life example from today, 18th February 2019 follows:

"Shannon bought a new thin Samsung TV and Soundbar and wanted them both wall mounted with the cables hidden. (A common request from our customers). When we arrived we found he had a 75inch TV and a new top of the line Sound bar to go with it. After we installed it on the wall and hung the sound-bar below it we setup his TV so he only needed the one remote to control both which is ideal. Shannon was very impressed and gave us another 5 star google review online. Thank you Shannon."

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