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Hi there, I'm Charlie your local TV Magic technician here in Albury and I specialise in all your home entertainment systems and solutions. If you're tired of watching the same old thing, day-in, day-out on Free-to-Air TV, then it might be time to invest in a better entertainment solution with more variety, more exciting channels, more control over what you get to watch and fantastic, clear TV coverage. TV Magic has you sorted for all of these great benefits and more when we help you with a new Satellite Dish Installation, right here at TV Magic Albury. 

 The Amazing World of Satellite TV!

Satellite TV can connect you to a whole new world that you've never before experienced. You can now access channels from countries all over the world such as the USA, Canada, Japan, Malaysia and many, many more! Satellite TV gives you a wide range of choice that you've never been able to access before with hundreds of new channels available at just the click of a button and a choice of content that's better suited to you. Enjoy a wide range of international sports, TV dramas, documentaries and even faith TV as well as a whole range of other genres, movies and programs for you to choose from. Don't settle for mediocre entertainment; invest in the best with TV Magic Albury today!

Who Would Benefit From Satellite TV? 

Satellite TV provides a number of benefits to those who have it, and can solve a number fo different problems. Here are some of the common reasons that people choose to invest in Satellite TV installation. 

You are tired of watching the same channels all the time
You want more variety from the TV that you're watching
You want to watch a specific type of TV that isn't available on regular Free-to-Air
You want to access TV from other countries/ cultures around the world that aren't normally available on Free-to-Air
You're tired of having low coverage and want clear TV Reception

All of these are common reasons for people wanting to get better TV and invest in a Satellite Dish. It is so easy to get bored with the same old programs that are on TV all the time and just give up on watching TV because you can't find something exciting or interesting. Make the smart choice and invest in Satellite TV today! It's entertainment that's out of this world!

No More Bad Reception!

Are you tired of having to deal with reception problems? Solve multiple problems at once when you get Satellite TV professionally installed by TV Magic Albury and bypass all the typical problems that you would have if you were just using a regular antenna. Satellite TV recieves it's signal directly from Satellites in space so you can know that you'll no longer have to deal with pixelating channels, signal dropping in and out or a weak TV signal. Why not give me a call at TV Magic Albury today and get your free quote? 

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I service all areas of the Riverina Region providing the following services

Antenna Installation - Albury, Wodonga, Wangaratta, Wagga Wagga, Yarawonga and everywhere in between 

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Reception Repair

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Booster Installation 

Seymour, Wodonga, Albury, Wangaratta , Wagga Wagga, Wandong, Yarrawonga, 

TV Tuning - Repair

Albury, Beechworth, Barunduda, BarnawarthaCorowa, Glenroy, Glenrowan TV Handyman,  Lavington, Seymour,  Wangaratta, Cobram, Howlong, Benalla, Violet Town , Violet Town TV Handyman, Mount BeautyWagga Wagga TV Handyman, Wagga Wagga, Wodonga, Wandong,   Yarrawonga TV Tuning, Yarrawonga TV Handyman, Oxley Mulwala, Tangambalanga, Table Top TV Tuning, Nagambie, Rutherglen, Springhurst

Home Theatre Setup - Home Cinema - Commercial AV - Media Rooms

Albury, Albury Projector Lamp Replacement,  Corowa, BrightLavington, Myrtleford Project Lamp Replacement, Shepparton, Seymour,  Wangaratta Commercial AV, Wangaratta, Wangaratta Projector Lamp Replacement, Wangaratta Media Room Design, Wodonga, HowlongBarooga Projector Lamp Replacement, Jindera Media Room Installation , Wagga Wagga, Yarrawonga, Oxley, Mulwala Projecotr Lamp Replacement, Mulwala Media Room/ Home Cinema, SeymourTangambalanga, Tangambalanga Home Theatre, Wodonga Projector Lamp Installation, Table Top Home Cinema Installation, Nagambie

Wall Mounting - Ceiling Mounted TVs

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Satellite Dish Installation 

AlburyCobram, Corowa, Barunduda, BrightGlenroy, Glenrowan,  Lavington, Myrtleford, Mount Beauty, Moyhu,  Rutherglen, SheppartonWangaratta, Wodonga, Howlong, Benalla , WandongWagga Wagga , Wodonga Christian TV InstallationYarrawonga Satellite Dish, Mulwala, Nagambie, Springhurst

TV Points

Albury, Barunduda, Barnawartha, BrightCorowa, DederangGlenroy, Lavington, Myrtleford, Mount Beauty TV PointsRutherglen, Shepparton, Seymour,  Wangaratta Foxtel Points, Wangaratta, Wangaratta TV Outlets, Wodonga, Benalla, Wagga Wagga, Tangambalanga, Table Top Extra TV PointsSouth Morang, Nagambie, Springhurst

Universal Remotes

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Free Pay TV

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Outdoor Speaker Installation


Christian TV

Nagambie, Yackandandah

Free Foxtel

Lavington, Cobram, Howlong, Wagga Wagga, Glenrowan, Yarrawonga, Mulwala, Nagambie


Albury, Wodonga, WandongWangaratta, Wodonga TV Handyman, Wagga Wagga MATV,  Benalla, Yarrawonga MATV, Rutherglen


BrightRutherglenWangaratta, Howlong, Barooga, Benalla, Wagga Wagga, Wodonga, Yarrawonga Insurance Assessments, Numurkah,

Damage Reports

Corowa, Lavington, Wangaratta, Wodonga, Barooga, Benalla, Wagga Wagga , Yarrawonga, Moyhu

Disney Plus/ Disney TV Setups

Albury, Wodonga