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Are you looking for a local home entertainment expert here in Geelong who can provide you with a universal remotes and programming service? Give Vaughan a call today on

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Too many remotes for your liking? TV Magic Geelong can help!

When it comes to enjoying your home entertainment in your Geelong home you obviously want it to be simple and hassle free right?! Do you find that you seem to be accumulating more and more home entertainment devices, which have certainly enhanced your overall home entertainment experience, however the time that is wasted figuring out which remote to use for what device is just so frustrating? Do you also find that you can never keep up with the supply of batteries required to keep all of your remotes up and running? Why not call TV Magic Geelong to make your home entertainment experience so much more enjoyable by booking in my universal remotes and programming service?! My name is Vaughan and I am the owner/operator of TV Magic Geelong. I can make your remote control problem disappear quickly, so you'll be spending your time actually enjoying your favourite movies, music and TV programs, rather than spending it trying to use your remotes! 

What's involved?

Once you book me in for my universal remotes and programming service, all I need is a detailed list of all of your home entertainment equipment you want included on your new universal remote and the specific brands. I will provide you with a personalised universal remote and take care of the tricky and time consuming task of programming it for you so you have a universal remote that functions perfectly and caters to all of your particular home entertainment devices.

Start enjoying your home entertainment the way you truly deserve to! Call TV Magic Geelong today!

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Universal Remotes, Programming & Setup all areas 

Do you have too many remotes? Kids or husband/wife always pressing the wrong button and stuffing everything up? Are your remotes broken? Lost or malfunctioning? A good, well programmed universal remote just may be the answer to your prayers!

A well programmed universal remote is the surest way to get the most out of your home entertainment system! TV Magic has programmed over 3000 x high end universal remotes from scratch as well as trouble-shooted over 4000 pre-existing universal remote controls. 



Well programmed universal remotes really do mean one remote! And a simple system!

Poorly programmed remotes give universal remotes a bad name!

All to often we are called out to re-program or worse; give the customer the bad news that the incorrect universal remote was chosen for their system. 


Universal remotes are designed to make life easy! The sad truth is that not all are made equal. With so many combinations of equipment that you could have these days; setting up a universal remote to have your system working to its optimal performance-as well as being easy to use is an art form. All universal remotes have pros and cons and some are best suited to some combinations than others. Contact us with a list of your equipment and speak to a technician on the phone today to see what it will cost to get the right universal remote for you and us to spend the hours to programme it well:- so that it is the best and last universal remote you will ever have and love!

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