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Want the fairest TV of them all? Call TV Magic Geelong!

Do you live in Geelong? Are you wanting to give your TV entertainment area in your Geelong home a much needed makeover? Why not call TV Magic Geelong and book your local digital TV expert Vaughan in for TV wall mounting services that won't let you down?! 

Pro's of wall mounting your TV

Wall mounting your TV's in your Geelong home is the perfect way to achieve a modern and stylish look, as your TV will sit up on the wall of your chosen area pretty much like a work of art! You will no longer have the need for those bulky display cabinets or wall units that take up loads of space so you will have a much more usable area, or achieve a more open plan look if that's what you're going for! Wall mounting your TV's is also the safest option as trip hazards from cables/cords left trailing on the floors is completely removed. All cabling is stored within your wall cavity, which is also great if you have small children with inquisitive little hands or pets that like to chew on things. Perhaps you have one or more small children/toddlers in your Geelong home? Wall mounting your TV's rather than having them balanced on cabinets, shelves or the like definitely gives you peace of mind your children are safe when watching TV or simply playing about the house! Now you might be thinking why?? Over the years and even in more recent times, fallen TV's have caused very serious injuries to children! Sometimes children like to run through the house and play and are none the wiser at how dangerous TV's can be if pulled down or accidentally knocked over! Not only are TV's big, they're heavy, so it's plain to see why having them mounted on the all is for the best! However, with that being said, attempting to wall mount your own TV's or having someone inexperienced install them for you, may be just as dangerous! Using low-quality, cheap and often flimsy wall brackets, combined with not positioning your TV's where there are studs is a recipe for disaster too! I've seen the damage wrongly wall mounted TV's can cause and to be honest, if you're going to the trouble of mounting your TV's on the wall, why not make sure it's done properly and safe yourself both possible accidents and at a minimum a broken TV and unwanted holes in your walls!

Why choose TV Magic?

TV Magic Geelong is definitely a cut above the rest and that's not just because I provide the highest quality customer service and workmanship, it's also because I use my very own custom made TV wall brackets that are AAA rated and come in all styles and sizes, which you will be hard pushed to find elsewhere. My TV wall brackets are the strongest and most durable, and my wall mounted skills are very precise, so you can have peace of mind that your TV isn't going to move an inch. And unlike many other tradespeople, I show up when I say I will and don't charge you for anything I haven't quoted you for! Don't you just hate those hidden costs!

If you want your TV setups to be safe, sturdy and provide your Geelong home with a modern, stylish, neat and tidy look, you can't go past the TV wall mounting services of TV Magic Geelong!

Wall mounting your TV's in your place of business

 Why is wall mounting your TV's best for your Geelong business? Well.. just as wall mounting your TV's in your homes provides your TV entertainment areas with a more visually appealing look, it also provides your Geelong business with that truly professional look you're wanting to achieve! Just think about how you feel when you enter any place of business looking to use their services. Do you look around the place when you first enter to give yourself a sense of how that business might do business? Do you observe your surroundings and see if they take pride in the appearance of their business or is it old, rundown looking and gives you a sense that they don't really care? First impressions are everything right! Whether you're using a TV to display what you have on the menu in your local Cafe here in Geelong, you have a car dealership and you have a multi-TV display showcasing all the latest models, or you have a local doctor's surgery and have TV's displayed in your patient waiting areas, you're going to want them to look good! 

And just as you want your TV's to be safe to be around in your Geelong homes you also want them to be safe in your business and possibly even more so! Imagine someone bumping your TV and it falling and possibly causing injury to the person as well as TV breakage! This isn't something you want to ever happen in your business! Mounting your TV's on the wall ensures they are well out of the way, so there's never a risk of having an accident! With over 2 decades of TV wall mounting experience, mounting thousands of TV's on the walls of local homes and businesses, TV Magic Geelong have the professionalism and quality workmanship you need to wall mounted any size TV, any brand, anywhere and in the blink of an eye! 

Do you want the fairest TV of them all? Call TV Magic Geelong today and book in my TV wall mounting service!

My other services

Now while my TV wall mounting service is certainly a local favourite here in Geelong, so too are my other high quality digital TV and home entertainment services. I am confident once you experience even just a little of the magic touch in your home or business, you'll be wanting more and more!

  • TV point installation
  • TV setup and tuning
  • Home cinema/media room design and installation
  • Pre-wire fit outs - new home builds, renovations, commercial properties
  • Universal remotes and programming
  • Antenna installation, relocation, removal
  • Satellite TV services - Christian TV, installation, relocation, repairs
  • TV reception repair services
  • Video walls
  • Multi-TV displays
  • Starlink internet installation 
  • Point-to-point internet extensions
  • Mesh internet systems
  • Gaming consoles
  • Conference room packages
  • Zoom rooms

Now this is just a few of a multitude of services I offer here in Geelong and it still doesn't end there! Do you have a caravan or boat you'd love to enjoy all of your home entertainment favourites in? If so, TV Magic Geelong is able to fit out your caravans or boats with your TV's, audio equipment, antenna's, satellite equipment, Starlink and more! So don't worry about missing out on all the things you love when it comes to home entertainment while you're away, just call TV Magic Geelong and take it all with you!

Happy customers

"I'm pretty happy with Vaughan's work! He mounted my new TV on the wall for me and it's still up there so he can't be too shabby! Kidding... Vaughan supplied and installed my new TV for me. Got me a bargain on the TV and it looks great! I've had a TV wall mounted before and the job was terrible. The TV was crooked and there were cables sticking out everywhere, so I was a little hesitant to do it again. But, this TV looks great! All cables concealed and perfectly straight. Cheers Vaughan, very happy!" ~ Dion. C
"I booked Vaughan in to install 2 TV's for me and he did a marvelous job. Very fast and very affordable! I highly recommend TV Magic and will be telling everyone! And to top it off, Vaughan is extremely friendly and easy to deal with!" ~ Kathy. L
"Had my TV setup and tuned in along with 2 TV points installed. I had tried setting it up myself and got into all sorts of trouble. Vaughan made it look easy! He also gave my sons game console a tidy up so my whole TV setup looks great now and not an absolute mess. TV Magic is my go to business! Been using them for some time!" ~ Sianna. W

To view more customer reviews/testimonials and if you'd like to see some of TV Magic's quality work, simply head on up to the drop down menu's above! Our number one priority here at TV Magic is customer satisfaction, so if you're not happy, neither am I and I'm always happy! When you want the best, don't settle for the rest, call your local digital TV and home entertainment expert here in Geelong and have the most magical home entertainment experience possible! They don't call me TV Magic for nothing! It's TV Magic by name.... TV Magic by nature!

You can usually me in at the drop of a hat! Call Vaughan today!

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TV, TV on the wall,who's the finest of them all? 

We've mounted over 50,000 televisions in living rooms, bedrooms, rumpus's, hallways, bali huts, sheds, caravans, offices, pool areas, stairwells, garages, kitchens & laundries. If you want a TV mounted anywhere - TV Magic can do it! We've also mounted them in pubs, clubs, airports, hotels, cafes, bus stops, police stations, aeroplane seats, stadiums, schools, military barracks, banks, shopping centres, supermarkets, service stations, government buildings, yachts, theme parks, cinemas, hospitals, medical centres, waiting rooms, warehouses, zoos, caravans, stair wells, sporting arenas, public areas and fast food chains. If you need a TV mounted in a specific spot - TV Magic can do it! Whether you want a Monster 100 inch TV or a cute 22inch wall mounted in a boat/caravan - TV Magic can do it! Whether it's a stone wall, no studs, false studs, uneven studs, tile wall, brick wall, a pillar, a steal beam - TV Magic can do it! (and hide the cables!) If you want a video wall, multi TV display installation - TV Magic can do it!

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