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Are you itching to have your very own home theatre in your Geelong home? Are you finding you are spending way to much money on taking your family out to the local cinema? By the time you pay for your movie tickets, maybe a little popcorn and some drinks you've spent an extravagant amount of money for a one off experience! Why would you want to continue to do that when you can have the full cinematic experience right from the comfort of your own home? Considering how much you spend on outings to the movies your new home theatre setup will pretty much be paying for itself right! So jump on the phone and call TV Magic Geelong to come to your home and make your dreams of having your own home theatre setup come true in the blink of an eye!

I have more than just a few magic tricks up my sleeve when it comes to designing your home theatre setup. No two home theatre's I create are ever the same, ensuring each and every one of my Geelong customers have a truly personalised, unique home theatre setup! I will assist you with everything from the initial design and layout of your home theatre setup, taking care of all the shopping, so you get the best value for your money, down to the professional installation of all of your chosen elements and equipment. Your home theatre setup will be sure to be the entertainment hub that brings your family together time and time again, where you create special memories for years to come. Give your Geelong home the magic touch by calling TV Magic Geelong today for your home theatre setup!

What's involved?

To begin with we will organise a suitable time for me to come to your home and take a look at the space I will be working with. This allows me to make an assessment of how best we can use the space and also helps when deciding what types of equipment to use, particularly when it comes to the size of the screen that will be used in your installation. A screen that is too small or too large will have a negative impact of your overall movie experience, so getting it just right is vital. While I'm visiting your home we will also discuss the budget you have in mind and we will work together to choose elements for your home theatre setup that are in line with that budget. Now you may be happy for me to use my expertise when it comes to choosing the equipment for your setup, or you may have specific brands of equipment in mind of a certain look you want to achieve. It's totally up to you just how involved you are in the process! Once we've settled on your equipment I am able to take care of the purchases for you too, which not only saves you the hassle of heading out to the shops to get your supplies, it also ensures you get the best value for your money! With long-standing relationships with all local suppliers here in Geelong I am able to source your equipment for you at a much better price than if you were to source it yourself, but again, it's totally up to you! Now for the fun part! Once we have everything needed for your home theatre setup I will get to work on your installations, so all that's left for you to do is sit back and watch the magic unfold and get yourself ready for some seriously fun fueled movie time in your Geelong home! Once your installations are complete I then carefully calibrate your equipment for you, which means your audio will be super sharp and your picture quality will be out of sight too! 

How about adding some finishing touches?

Now to really make your home theatre setup stand out from the rest how about adding a few of TV Magic's unique design elements. TV Magic has over 20 years of experience in home theatre design and over that time we've learnt some seriously special skills and have access to some really cool features that will make your home theatre wow all who enter it! So how would you like to make your home theatre look as fantastic as it performs? Are you a bit of a Star wars fan and would absolutely love it if you were able to theme your home theatre with features just like that out of the movie? Perhaps a star-ceiling is in order? Having a star-ceiling in your home theatre will not only provide an extra element of excitement to your movie experience, it will provide you with a feel like you're in a whole other world! How about having life-size characters installed in your movie room? Would you like to see a life-size Darth in the corner of the room or how about the Millennium Falcon hanging from the ceiling? Your options are endless with TV Magic helping you with your design elements for your home theatre setup and these features are only the beginning! Maybe you do want a little extra pizzazz in your home theatre, but not necessarily of the theming nature! Something to add a little style and sophistication to the mix?! How about your very own mini bar? Now that's bound to get everyone excited! From popcorn machines to candy walls that are built in, full of your favourite candies, chocolates and other sweet treats, you'll really feel like you're at your local movie theatre, but it's all right there in your Geelong home! When you want the most magical movie experience possible there's only one call to be made! And that's to TV Magic Geelong! Are you ready to experience the magic touch in your home?

My other services

While it's really hard to beat my home theatre design and installation services here in Geelong, I do offer a myriad of other quality services too, which the locals love just as much! Some of my other digital TV and home entertainment services include:

  • TV points/data points/ Foxtel points
  • TV setup and tuning
  • TV wall mounting
  • Universal remotes and programming/replacement remotes
  • Gaming consoles
  • Computer monitor installation
  • Antenna services - including MaTV
  • Satellite TV services - including vast TV
  • Pre-wire fit outs - new homes, renovations, commercial properties
  • TV delivery/transportation services
  • TV insurance repair assessments/damage reports
  • Zoom rooms/conference room packages
  • Starlink installations
  • Mesh internet systems
  • Point-to-point internet extensions
  • Video walls/multi-TV displays and much more!

What do my customers have to say?

"We are just so pleased with our new movie room! To say the least we are more than happy with the end results and to be honest Vaughan absolutely exceeded all of our expectations! The sound and picture quality is insane - definitely just as good as the cinema! Highly recommend TV Magic so if you're on the hunt for a good local business specialising in home entertainment, call Vaughan!" ~ Jeffrey. G
"I wanted some new speakers in the lounge-room and couldn't decide what to buy. I heard from my neighbours about TV Magic so I gave them a call. Vaughan was really helpful. He popped over and gave me some ideas on what would be good speakers for my setup and even went out of his way to send me some photo's of different options. I booked him in and he supplied and installed my new speakers for me. Very happy with the job." ~ Kelvin. P
"Needed someone to fix my TV reception in a hurry. I spoke with Vaughan and he came over same day. Found the problem pretty quick and fixed it for me. Clearly a man that knows his business! Will recommend to all and will be using TV Magic again in the future!" ~ Dean. K
"I've been using TV Magic for a couple of years now and always find Vaughan to be easy to deal with and good at what he does. This time around it was a new TV installation. Vaughan did a fantastic job of mounting my TV on the wall. Very neat and tidy, no cables to be seen and just a good looking setup in general. Cleaned up after himself and reasonably priced. Thanks mate, until next time!" ~ Franky. L

Having only the best when it comes to the service you're paying for is important to everyone! Here at TV Magic, your satisfaction is our number one priority, so if you're not happy, neither are we! When you want the best, don't settle for the rest, simply call TV Magic Geelong and get the results you're looking for every time and in the blink of an eye too!

You can usually book me in at the drop of a hat! Call your local home entertainment expert Vaughan today!

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To date, TV Magic has installed over 2500 Home theatre rooms from scratch and servied over 6000 existing home theatre rooms. Here are some of my home theatre setups, designs & installations..

Below, a home cinema built by TV Magic (in a basement) (Walls, carpet and all)

We can tailor home theatre packages and equipment to your personal taste and/or colour scheme

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