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Hi there are you on the hunt for a professional and reliable point-to-point internet extensions provider here in Geelong? Are you in need of a completely secure internet connection that is able to provide you with connection across a wide area such as in a government facility, university campus, agricultural property, caravan park or other large premise? If you want the most qualified and experience provider for your point-to-point internet extensions service you need to call TV Magic Geelong. My name is Vaughan and I am the owner/operator of TV Magic Geelong. Not only am I renowned for providing high quality digital TV and home entertainment services for the locals here in Geelong, I also professional and reliable internet solutions as well! 

Point-to-point internet extensions are ideal for large premises that require a completely secure and reliable internet extension and are not wanting to deal with the inconvenience of excessive cabling. With point-to-point internet extensions in your establishment you will be able to enjoy super fast, reliable and completely secure internet, so you can attend to whatever tasks you need to hassle free! For more information about whether my point-to-point internet extensions service is the way to go for you, call TV Magic Geelong today! 

If you're interested in the myriad of other commercial services I offer here in Geelong, just scroll down and take a look at my extensive gallery or call me directly to discuss your individual needs! When you call TV Magic Geelong for your digital TV, home entertainment or internet solutions you always achieve the results you're looking for, and with a touch of magic!

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There are 3 major ways in which we can make your internet better & faster! TV Magic can install mesh internet system for better coverage, point to point systems for better range and Starlink internet plans for faster downloads. All methods will improve your internet download speeds, upload speeds, internet reliability, internet 'latency', coverage, range and general performance. However, if you have all 3 you'll be unstoppable!

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