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Are you looking for a locally owned business in Geelong to provide you with your satellite dish relocation service? Give Vaughan a call for a quote today on 0406 199 799!

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Do you live or work in Geelong or surrounding areas? Are you looking for a reliable local business to take care of your satellite relocation in your Geelong home or place of business? When it comes to relocating your satellite dish it is important that someone who knows exactly what they are doing is taking care of the job. Don't be a sucker and fall for the old I can take care of it for you on the cheap trick! Many handymen offer services such as this and it often ends with me having to come and take care of picking up the pieces at the end of the day anyway! I've had customers call me to install a brand new satellite dish for them due to their original one being completely damaged beyond repair due to a dodgy satellite dish relocation service! Don't let this be you! 

My name is Vaughan and I am the owner/operator of TV Magic Geelong. I can provide you with a safe and reliable satellite dish installation service that you can completely depend on to provide you with the professional results you're looking for. I will take care of your satellite dish relocation with complete precision and care, ensuring your dish and all hardware remain completely intact and undamaged, along with provide you with a seamless finish in both where you satellite dish was removed from and in it's new location! Be sure you're getting the right kind of service in your Geelong home or place of business by calling TV Magic Geelong today for your satellite dish relocation service!

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Whatever the reason, we can move /relocate, reposition & reallign your satellite dish or antenna to another spot on the roof and ensure optimal performance in the process. 

Why can't solar installers / electricians move the antenna for me? Or do it myself?

Solar installers won't have professional TV signal meters to check the signal after they move the antenna. Most electricians won't have one either. Not only that, they do not carry coax cable to extend, repair or adjust the coax cable which is required on 90% of antenna relocations. We do a lot of work for electrical and solar companies, providing this convenience and professionalism so they can focus on what they're good at. Whilst a solar or electrical company may get away with moving an antenna 20% of the time and not need TV Magic to check the signal, TV reception issues usually present themselves later on for the customer.

There is more to just checking the signal by turning on a TV and seeing if there is a picture or not!

If a TV antenna has aged, even moving it can cause  water inside to flow to parts of the antenna that are not water friendly; causing the antenna to fail. In addition to TV antenna relocation, when it comes to relocating the satellite dish; TV Magic is required 100% of the time. Book us in now, we can usually be there at the drop of a hat!

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