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Are you looking for a local technician in Geelong to take care of your multi-room audio installation? Give Vaughan a call for a quote today on 0406 199 799!

Music, Music everywhere!

Do you want to be able to pump out your favourite tunes in your Geelong home without having to change devices every time you change rooms? Would you like to be able to experience this type of luxury with simplicity and ease of use? You need to call TV Magic Geelong right away and book in your very own multi-room audio installation! Your local audio installation specialist Vaughan will come to your Geelong home and work with you to map out what areas of your home you would like your multi-room audio installation to cover and discuss your options in relation the style you're going for when it comes to your speakers. Vaughan can even take care of that tiresome and often stressful task of heading to the store and taking care of your purchase for you, ensuring you get true value for your money!

Once Vaughan has taken care of purchasing your equipment for your multi-room audio installation he will get to work on your install, completing it quickly, with the end result of a flawless finish and a sound system that will really get you moving! Your entire family will benefit from your new multi-room audio installation, where you all can enjoy your favourite music or other audio entertainment all at the same time, so you'll never have another argument over who gets to use the stereo again! You must be itching to have access to your audio entertainment in every corner of your home without the need for changing devices or dragging around that bulky audio setup, so jump on the phone and call Vaughan from TV Magic Geelong today to book in your multi-room audio installation!

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Now you can have total control or total flexibility with your music! Play your Music anywhere! Around the home without relying on Bluetooth or Internet connectivity. 

Wireless Speakers just don't work. Before too long you'll be sick of climbing up and down the ladder changing the batteries. Bluetooth and IR have their flaws as does RF. But getting the Multi Room Audio System you always dreamed of doesn't have to be a nightmare when you speak to the experts. TV Magic have been installing speakers and multi-room audio systems in the commercial and domestic market for over 15 years. Having music playing in multiple zones or areas of your premises is a breeze and simple solution when you have the right gear, but most importantly an expert and professional installation carried out. Call / Book us online for a free consult. 

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