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Hi there, are you a resident of Geelong or surrounding areas and are seeking the right service to help you out with your antenna installation, repair or relocation? TV Magic here in Geelong cover a wide range of quality home entertainment services as well as providing long-lasting equipment that gives you more value for money. What many people don't realize when shopping for an antenna and an installer is that TV services and products follow the same rules as most other products, which is that you typically get what you pay for. Although not always the case, you're just as likely to come across an installer who offers cheap and low quality products and services, claiming that they will save you money, as you are when you go to a mechanic, buy a pair of shoes or order a meal. Some services are just better than others and if value is what you're looking for, then you're in good hands with TV Magic Geelong. My name is Vaughan, your local antenna specialist here in Geelong. My aim is to provide you with the best quality antenna installation Geelong could possibly offer you, which means you're going to experience flawless TV reception with long-lasting results! As mentioned previously, if you're seeking out the cheapest of installers, chances are they are using the absolute bottom of the range products and equipment for your antenna installation. So what might this mean? This could well mean A - you've gotten yourself a true bargain and your antenna installation might work well, or B - you've gotten yourself not only low-quality products installed by someone with limited experience and poor installation techniques, which means, your new antenna installation might be a complete lemon and you could end up having to pay again and call someone else in to fix the problem that could have been prevented!

Why not save yourself the hassle of a dodgy antenna installation, simply by calling in a reputable local business that can provide you with a high quality antenna installation where the results simply speak for themselves. With TV Magic Geelong providing you with your antenna installation you can expect crystal clear picture and sound quality on all of your free-to-air TV channels and an overall installation that is flawless on all counts. Neat and tidy appearance, strong, reliable TV signal and equipment that is top quality! Experience the magic touch in your Geelong home by calling TV Magic Geelong for your new antenna installation! 

Why TV Magic Antennas Save You Cash!

So what makes one antenna better than the other? Antennas, just like other products are sometimes built cheap and sometimes built to last. You won't find a better antenna on the market than the Australian designed, long-lasting antennas sourced by TV Magic. Special features in the design deter large birds from perching on and damaging them, and they don't use the flimsy plastic pieces that you find on some other antennas, meaning that wear and tear is slowed down and your environmental footprint is lessened. They are also minus a very common design flaw and that is they won't trap water in particular components, which end up causing your antenna to end up having to be completely replaced as an end result! As your highly experienced  antenna installer, I will secure your antenna in the most practical place and aim to get the strongest signal that you can expect in your location, which is guarantee'd as I use state-of-the-art signal measurement equipment.

Master antenna installation

Not only is TV Magic the number one preferred providers for antenna installation by local residents here in Geelong, we are also widely used among local businesses too! Also if you're requiring master antenna installations, upgrades or repairs for your larger capacity buildings such as apartment complexes, unit blocks or high-rise buildings, TV Magic Geelong is able to provide you with everything you need! Having a building that has many occupants really does require a master antenna system that's going to be above all else 100% reliable! And if you have a master antenna TV system that is outdated you may well be experiencing ongoing issues and issues that are causing problems throughout your entire building! Is this happening in your building? Are you finding that not just one tenant, but multiple tenants are having problems with their TV reception or have no TV reception at all? This is more than likely due to you having and old and outdated master antenna TV system. Old systems dated prior to 2000 were designed in such a way where they were not very reliable at all as all TV's shared the same connection called a daisy-chain system. This means if there is a problem along the chain, any TV below the point of concern will experience the same problems! So what should be a simple one location repair, ends up being a problem affecting many! Not only will this cause disruption to many tenants TV reception, it ends up costing you more as you will have ongoing problems and the problems are on a large scale! By upgrading your master antenna system you can do away with big TV reception problems once and for all and your tenants or other occupants will be much happier! Upgrade your master antenna system to the newer star-chain system and reap the benefits in more ways than one. The star-chain system is designed to be much more reliable and simpler to repair when there is a problem. With all TV's having their own individual connection, only the area where that TV is will be affected, not possibly 10, 20 or even more beneath it! So if you want to be sure your building is up to scratch when it comes to being able to provide your occupants with high quality and most importantly reliable TV reception, simply call TV Magic Geelong for all of your master antenna needs!

Antenna installation for your boats or caravans

Have you just gone out and treated yourself to a new boat or caravan? Are you beyond excited about your new purchase and can't wait to deck it out with all the bells and whistles? Having everything you need in your boat or caravan for safety, comfort and an overall exciting experience can be time consuming to take care of and it can be difficult to find someone to provide you with everything you need. TV Magic Geelong is able to provide you with everything you need for the most user-friendly, aesthetically appealing, safe and reliable home entertainment experience while you're sailing the ocean or out on the open road! While you're not busy taking in the scenery while you're travelling, you may want to relax and keep up-to-date with your favourite TV programs. To do this, you're going to want a good, solid, reliable antenna installation that will provide you with quality TV reception wherever you are! TV Magic Geelong is able to provide you with your antenna installation for your boat or caravan, ensuring it is safe and secure as well as able to cater to your TV viewing needs. We are also able to help you with other quality AV services for your caravan or boat such as your TV installation, where we are able to help you choose the right size TV to suit your space, get you a bargain on your purchase, and configure your setup for optimal performance. We can also provide you with your TV outlets, Starlink installation for fast and reliable internet, as well as other services such as sound bar installation or other audio installs of your choice! So if you want your boat or caravan's AV equipment to not only provide you with premium performance, but also have peace of mind that your equipment is safe, secure and looks great too, simply call TV Magic Geelong for all of your caravan and boat AV solutions.

My other services

And just when you thought it simply couldn't get much better, the magic doesn't end there! TV Magic Geelong specialise in such an extensive range of digital TV and home entertainment services in addition to those mentioned above! Services include:

  • TV setup and tuning
  • TV wall mounting
  • TV reception repair
  • Satellite TV services
  • Universal remotes
  • Surround sound
  • Multi-room audio installations
  • Home cinema design
  • Pre-wire fit outs
  • Zoom room installations
  • Video walls
  • Multi-TV displays
  • Gaming consoles
  • Computer monitor installations
  • TV delivery/transportation services
  • WiFi and internet solutions - including: point-to-point internet extensions and mesh internet systems
  • Pay TV distribution
  • Foxtel point installation

Call TV Magic Geelong today for a quote on your new antenna installation or other quality products and services you might be in need of, because when you want only the best, you won't just settle for the rest! You simply can't go past a local business that has over 2 decades of experience and a good strong reputation for providing quality results! 

You can usually book me in at the drop of a hat! Call Vaughan today!

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What materials are being used in your antenna installation?


Not all antennas are made equal. The antenna that is powering your antenna system will determine how long and how good the system performs. For this TV antenna, all it would take is one little bird to sit right there to cause a temporary short out. This will cause an immediate drop in signal strength and quality. As a worse-case scenario a user may experience immediate TV reception symptons such as freezing or pixelation. Best case scenario - it's only a matter of time before the spring in the metal fails to bounce back and it shorts out permanently. This is a typical design flaw. 

Antenna installation that won't leave you paying twice - don't let this be you!

On a weekly basis, TV Magic replace worn out, underperforming TV antennas that are no longer serving their purpose. The reasons why they are under-performing are numerous but here are a couple ..

  • They are incorrectly installed
  • The wrong style / type antenna was selected for a particular area / suburb 
  • A poorly designed / manufactured TV antenna 
  • The antenna was installed up side down letting water get into the balun! (This is no laughing matter! - It happens quite frequently)
  • The antenna is good, but the antenna installation is being let down by other faulty components that should have been replaced 
  • Broken elements - plastic goes brittle in the sun after a few short years and large birds are good for business

Why do I need an antenna installation at all?


At TV Magic, we aim to fix your TV reception for the next 10-15 years!*

It's sad, but it happens. A quarter of antenna installation jobs we get called out to is to replace something that the customer has already paid for. .... quite recently...

An antenna installation is only going to have long lasting performance if the correct antenna is used for the area!

Do you live in an area where there are high antenna masts everywhere? Sometimes TV Magic comes along and we can guarantee flawless TV reception with a small antenna pole - enabling us to get rid of the huge chunk of scrap metal atop of your roof. Other times, you may be the one and only person in the street that has an extended antenna installation (and/or no-one else has a high mast in the whole neighbourhood). In these cases, it can be confusing to see why we may recommend that you need an extended mast. What we have often experienced, is that once you take the leap ... more times than not it is discovered that extended mast antenna installations start popping up left, right and centre in your street or throughout the neighbourhood. It is then later discovered that your neighbours were ...

  • Putting up with bad TV reception - thinking 'that's just the way it is'
  • Watching Pay TV services - not needing an antenna 
  • Neighbours only watching TV at a certain time of the day - happens to be the time of the day when the signal is just "ok" 
  • Not watching TV all (yes some people don't watch TV!)

In some areas - high masts are required for the antenna installation - (Watch the video below)

TV Magic have years of experiencing extended masts and high mast antenna installations. Our installations are designed to withstand 150km/hr winds. Basically that means that the tiles on a roof should be coming off before any cyclonic wind will blow it over. This is important as it is not that common to have 100km/hr winds at 5m above roof top level during a severe storm. 

Book your antenna installation online - an SMS will be sent to your local technician. We have no call centres / receptionists. You can call your local technician directly! Book below to reveal your local technician. 

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