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Do you own a reputable business in Geelong or surrounding areas? Are you wanting to really shake things up when it and give your Geelong business a fresh new look? TV Magic Geelong is your number one local provider when it comes to your digital TV and home entertainment solutions. Are you looking for new ways to advertise what your business has to offer? Or perhaps you want to create a particular atmosphere in your business and are looking for a  modern and stylish way to do so? Are you thinking you would like to create a vertical/portrait TV display? Why not call TV Magic Geelong to come and take care of it? Vertical/portrait TV displays are ideal for any business that wants to create a more sophisticated look in general, regardless of what you're intended use is. Vertical/portrait TV displays are used widely by my Geelong customers for things such as menu displays in restaurants or cafes, showcasing tropical getaways in travel agencies, advertising upcoming movies in cinema's and much much more. You may even want to use your vertical/portrait TV displays for things such as a feature wall to create a unique new look each day, providing your customers with a stimulating, yet relaxing environment to enjoy while they visit your establishment. And when you call TV Magic Geelong for your vertical/portrait TV display installation you don't just get the job done fast and to perfection, you get the job done with the magic touch, which just can't be competed with! Are you ready to give your Geelong business a touch of magic? If so, you know what to do! Call TV Magic Geelong of course!

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TV, TV on the wall,who's the finest of them all? 

We've mounted over 50,000 televisions in living rooms, bedrooms, rumpus's, hallways, bali huts, sheds, caravans, offices, pool areas, stairwells, garages, kitchens & laundries. If you want a TV mounted anywhere - TV Magic can do it! We've also mounted them in pubs, clubs, airports, hotels, cafes, bus stops, police stations, aeroplane seats, stadiums, schools, military barracks, banks, shopping centres, supermarkets, service stations, government buildings, yachts, theme parks, cinemas, hospitals, medical centres, waiting rooms, warehouses, zoos, caravans, stair wells, sporting arenas, public areas and fast food chains. If you need a TV mounted in a specific spot - TV Magic can do it! Whether you want a Monster 100 inch TV or a cute 22inch wall mounted in a boat/caravan - TV Magic can do it! Whether it's a stone wall, no studs, false studs, uneven studs, tile wall, brick wall, a pillar, a steal beam - TV Magic can do it! (and hide the cables!) If you want a video wall, multi TV display installation - TV Magic can do it!

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