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Hi there, if you live in the Geelong area and you're the victim of a weak TV signal then TV Magic understands your frustration! Maybe you've had this problem for years and tried different installers and different solutions but still can't connect to the channels that you want to enjoy, or maybe you've only recently been having reception problems. Whatever the cause behind your weak TV signal, the first step is to get the correct assessment from me, your local TV Magic technician right here in Geelong , so we can start working on the right solution for you and get  you reconnected to that clear, reliable TV signal that you really want. Often, reception problems are a result of damaged equipment, or, being in a location that inhibits your antenna from connecting to some channels. These issues can most likely be resolves with a repair or adjustment to your system, or some additional equipment such as Signal Booster to give your antenna the help that it needs. But what if you're in one of those particularly unfortunate places where nothing seems to work and you can't even connect to basic channels on Free-to-Air? Don't worry, TV Magic have the perfect solution for you as well; VAST TV!

Is VAST the Answer I've Been Looking For?

If you want to finally connect to clear coverage all year round and say goodbye to irritating reception problems, then VAST TV sounds like the solution for you. Connecting to a clear signal via Satellite, you won't be getting the same interruptions that you have with an antenna, and what's even better is that the Government assists you with a free Smart Card and Decoder Box if you are eligible. So call TV Magic Geelong today and get the perfect solution to your reception problems so you can enjoy the programs you love!

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Vast TV Installation - Guaranteed TV reception - Black spots - In a gully - Behind a Mountain - "In the middle of the desert" - Guranteed flawless TV reception - Anywhere! 

TV Magic are experts in free to air TV reception. That much so, that we guarantee TV channels even after all the 40ft masts and every other option has been tried and failed. Vast TV provides all your regular free to air channels via satellite. If you already have a satellite dish on your roof, this can be used (if not being used for pay TV, internet or other purposes) to save costs and you could be watching interruption free TV in no time. 

Vast TV works by satellite signals. It is immune to hills, gully's and vast distances where the broadcast tower's signals simply cannot reach your home a regular TV antenna would be rendered useless.   

Call us now to get a free quote! Because VAST is a guaranteed solution, we will have a pretty good idea of what it will cost without necessarily doing a site test!

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